For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Looking to Sell Their Companies One Day

“Socratic Scaling”

Unlock the Secret to Owning a Business That Gives You The Life You Want Today...

By Making it A “Premium” Sellable Business in as little as 6 months

.. and avoid the fate of 8 out of 10 owners who can’t sell at all or only on their buyer’s terms...

A Life Changing Business.

Picture this for a moment: you’re standing on top of the world. You’ve cracked the code that only one in twenty business owners ever figure out – transforming your business into a top sellable asset and positioning it to sell for a massive profit.

And your holding in your hand a life changing cheque paying you in one day 2,3,5 or even 10 times the amount your business provided you for its entire life.

But it’s not just about the well-earned rewards at some distant point in the future…

Once you crack the code your business changes your life today:

The Benefits Today

More Money in your Pocket from a more profitable and growing business.

More Time as you have complete control how and where you spend it.

More Energy as you can grow the business with much less stress and a healthier lifestyle.

More Joy as you actually enjoy owning a business that works for you

Your business has the systems and teams in place where everything runs like clockwork with predictable and growing profits putting more and more money in your pocket.

You have complete control and freedom over your time. When you make it home in time for early dinner, you will be present with your family and have the satisfaction to know that you have done everything you wanted that day.

You feel 30 years younger when you take personal time to exercise during off-peak hours, when the machines are empty and the bike paths are clear. Your heart, waistline and spouse are thanking you for finding your fountain of youth.

Thankfully the daily grind is gone. The frustration of having to do everything yourself and answering the same questions and carrying the business and the livelihood of its people on your back – all gone.

And finally you know what you have is getting more valuable by the day. Investors and buyers inquire more often and offer more money, so you feel confident knowing you’ll be rewarded for your hard work, whether you sell the business or pass it down to your children.

This Becomes Your Reality

Yes, your dreams can actually become your reality, and it’s all thanks to a powerful method that most successful entrepreneurs have quietly followed throughout the ages – but which many business owners today have not found or even knew existed.

Socratic Scaling

A game changing approach, combining the timeless wisdom and methods of Socrates from over 2,000 years ago with today’s most effective business strategies – and all in one place.

It’s the art of combining insightful questions relevant for you and your situation with the powerful business strategies that help you stand out, grow, and ultimately sell your business at the top.

The Consistent Key to Entrepreneurial Success

It’s how the most successful entrepreneurs have transformed their businesses from ordinary to extraordinary for decades. From a business that felt like a 24/7 job to an asset that worked and built phenomenal wealth for them – even before a huge payday sale.

It’s what Warren Buffet uses to decide where he will invest and make the returns he’s made for decades. 

It’s what Jeff Bezos used to take Amazon from a garage filled with books to the asset it is today.

It’s what Steve Jobs used to create and build Apple and then come back and raise it from the dead for an encore.

But before you say to yourself…

these are superstars and this doesn’t apply to me or my business…”

Let me introduce you to my friend Frank, who built a global business and now never has to go to the office, and can instead focus on growing the company and attracting blue-chip investors and buyers for a big payout one day.

There is nothing special about any of these men (Sorry Frank..:) ).  They are not supermen or geniuses or any of that hero worship nonsense the press would like you to believe.

They’re hard workers who put in the long hours and made the sacrifices to get their companies off the ground.

Just like many of you ….

But what sets them apart until now is that they knew the secret art of Socratic Scaling (without often knowing the name).

They knew how to invest their time wisely to free up even more time to grow their business.

They knew what questions to ask, identified what problems to solve, created the right solutions tailored to them, and ultimately achieved enormous success.

Do You Own a Top Sellable Business or An Overworked Job?

How do you know if your business is one of the top 5% or if it’s one of the 8 out of 10 businesses relegated to only providing you a job you have to pay for?

Start by asking yourself this one unusual question:

What would happen if I stepped away for 3 months from my business?


If you can’t leave the day-to-day operations of the businesses for 90 days without business declining or crashing than you “Own a Job.

When you own a job, you are the company. The one making all the decisions and working endless hours to keep the business afloat and pay the bills.

What Happens When You Own A Job?

Here’s the thing…buyers and investors have no interest to buy your job.

So your business has no value outside your control.

And owning a job is not fun.  In fact it’s what drives the heavy hours, constant attention, and never being able to step away you might be experiencing.

A business where you are at the mercy of cheap price wars that shave your margins day by day and leave you with a penny pinching customer base that suck more and more of your life blood every day.

Where anxiety builds and hours are spent chasing them down for overdue payments.

Owning a job often means up and down profits and cash flows..  feast and famine… and hard to pin down predictability.

It can mean lots of waste and money spent needlessly.

And being swamped with “owning a job” is common. It’s the playbook many follow from the moment they launch their businesses – and it was necessary at that time to get the business going.

But the playbook has long expired.

Instead of growing your business it buries you inside.

Weighs you down with having to make all the decisions, answer all the questions, and spread yourself thin to make sure it doesn’t start falling apart.

An unsellable business may even be profitable and pay the bills, but it has little intrinsic value and builds no wealth outside of your sweat and hours.

Even worse, excessive hours and micromanaging are holding you back.

Eating away at the value of your business – like termites in a house.

And this old playbook keeps you grinding away and working endlessly.

Ever feel like you’re chasing and hustling… the next big deal…. The next great customer…. The next best thing just around the corner that you hope will change your fortunes..

And here come the 21st century “snake oil” medicine men…marketing and sales “gurus” ready…. Waiting…..

Here is your missing ingredient…. Here is your magic solution….

“Come let’s wave my magic wand and make your problems go away…”

Magic Wands and 4 Hour Hype

This is when many of us reached for the popular solutions: E-myth, 4 hour workweek and various delegation and outsourcing strategies.

They can make your life temporarily a little easier, but they are not enough, by themselves, to give you the lifestyle you want.

You see if it was all about delegating and outsourcing than 70% or more of companies would be sellable compared to less than the 30% today.

They are a tool – and important one in making a business sellable – but by themselves they are just one component in an entire system.

Which is why successful Business Owners might use them as tactics but do not rely on them as a strategy for providing the life they want.

Is Warren Buffet known as “the outsourcing guy”?

Is Jeff Bezos famous for his “4 hour work weeks”?.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Changed their Playbooks

The top successful business owners wanted to build independent businesses that were worth tens to hundreds of times higher than if they kept complete control.

Businesses that were primed to sell even if they no intention to do so at that time.

Because a business that is primed to sell at the top is a business that is optimised in all areas.

To get there, these entrepreneurs focused on challenging themselves and the status quo when necessary.

They focused on asking insightful questions and systematically integrating what they discover with time-tested business strategies to stand out in a crowded market, scale up beyond their personal effort, and position the business to successfully sell at the top or pass down as their legacy.

Because they knew that owning a top sellable business requires more than good delegation and healthy profit margins (although both are important ingredients).

It requires reducing the company’s perceived risk so buyers would feel comfortable investing in your business.

It requires identifying and creating a superior customer experience so customers become loyal, repeat and rabid ambassadors for the business – showering it with predictable sales and bringing in friends and family.

It requires identifying and paving growth paths so buyers are excited to invest in your business.

It requires building the systematic processes and documenting them so the business has consistency, quality and can operate on auto pilot.

And it requires full transferability so the buyer is confident that all of the business and its assets can change hands seamlessly.

And so top sellable business owners ensure they are not the business. That the business can “thrive” without them being busy in the day-to-day grind.

And they know it takes more than just delegating and stepping back.  After all, if it was that easy every owner would have outsourced long ago and been living the dream.

In short, they leveraged Socratic Scaling principles to transform and optimise their business into premium sellable assets which enabled them to:

Increase and Speed Up Cash flow

Grow and Make Revenues more Predictable

Excel by Identifying and Surpassing Top Performance Metrics

Create Multiple and Lucrative Paths of Growth

Increase and Strengthen how they Differentiate and Stand Out in a crowded market

Drive Up their Customers’ Loyalty and Lifetime Value

Ultimately they gained the power to stand out in their markets, gain the freedom to price the value they provide, increase the consistency and quality of their Profits and ultimately drive up the Underlying Value of the business.

And so ended up running a business that gives them the life they want, both today and tomorrow.

It sounds too good to be true

I totally get it…the frustration of having to pay for empty promises while trying to run a business.

Having to run around and try to glue together different and contradictory solutions that felt like you had 50 chefs in a kitchen.

Suffering all types of solicited and unsolicited feedback from everyone on your logo or home page headline – not to mention more important aspects of your business.

And you wasted your time, money and energy on superficial marketing and sales solutions that didn’t come close to meeting the promises they made.

The fads, the tactics, the shiny objects…which only moved the needle slightly while secretly undermining the value of your business.

And it left you no closer to owning a business that could give you true peace of mind and the life you want.

It’s easy to think I’m too busy to deal with “changing a playbook” right now or “it can wait until tomorrow”.

Or to say “I’ve heard these promises before…  it’s all ‘BS’ and a waste of my time and money”

I get it.. and you can say no.. I don’t want to do anything different..

But …

Here’s why you will want to replace your playbook today…

Well to start… time’s ticking away.

The business world is fast-paced.

And if you effectively own a job…every day you delay is another day where the daily grind gets heavier, competitors pull ahead, and you miss out on the incredible perks of owning a top sellable business.

And the status quo can become more and more expensive.

Can you afford to keep running your business the way you have been?

Can you afford to spend your time the way you have been?

Can you afford to continue to invest more hours and effort for the same or diminishing returns?

And can you afford to miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that require your business to be sellable today?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

And the stakes of not acting are high…

7 out of 10 business owners fail to sell their companies at all.

It’s a harsh reality and the destiny for most entrepreneurs.

And for many it was because their companies were profitable but never upgraded to become sellable assets.

And when they tried to do so, it often was too late.

And here is what makes this metric so scary…

An unsellable business is a business that no one wants.

Can your business survive if something were to happen to you?

Would your family be in a tough spot if they could no longer rely on the business?

What does it mean to you and your family if the business you sacrificed and spent years of your life building is unwanted?

And what would they think if it never pans out, despite all the hours and sacrifices you’re making today?

So Why Socratic Scaling For My Business?

Simply, it’s time proven. Based on common sense. Practical and 100% implementable.

And best of all, you don’t have to sell to enjoy the benefits of a business that has been transformed by Socratic Scaling into a premium sellable asset.

Benefits you can immediately enjoy which include:

A More Profitable Business due to optimised systems and processes

A More Enjoyable Business to Own as your team and systems handle day-to-day tasks that once consumed your day

More Peace of Mind because the business is not dependent upon you. It can continue to thrive without you even in case of illness, personal crisis, or other unexpected events

And Satisfaction – Knowing it’s all worth it – the sacrifices you had to make, the hours you put in, because you are free and prepared to exit one day at your price and your terms – if you so choose

Socratic Scaling doesn’t require advanced degrees or expensive solutions from Management Consultancies.

You don’t have to learn a new language or pick up expensive training.

In fact, you can begin implementing Socratic Scaling 100% into your business today.

That’s what helps make it so powerful.

It’s 100% tailored to you, your business, your resources, and your circumstances

“Hold on!”…

If all I need is a sellable business than all I need to do is make sure I have a growing and profitable business. That’s all buyers care about!”

Sure, as long as you have all the components in place to make your company a premium sellable business asset, than your profits will play a key role in calculating its value.

But for 7 out of 10 of you, one or more of these key aspects are missing so your profits will end up being wasted – because your business won’t be worth anything outside of your control.

And these key aspects can include the riskiness of the business, how valuable and viable its potential growth, how well its documented and how transferable it is at the end of the day.

Socratic Scaling is all about optimising your business across all these key aspects. Almost every other solution in the market today focuses on one or a couple.

Which explains why 7 out of 10 business owners fail to sell, even when many of them are profitable.

“Ok I get it. Socratic Scaling will make my business a top sellable one. But I have no plans to sell anytime soon so why now and why should I care?

To start.. it’s never too early to apply Socratic Scaling even if you have no intention to sell or exit for years or ever. 


First, you gain higher profits, more personal time, and a stronger and more enjoyable business to run. 

Why would you want to push that down the road in favour of being overworked, buried in the business and stuck in a rut?

Second, it’s a less risky and safer business.  It’s independent and can thrive without you which means if something were to happen to you the business can keep running and support you and your family.

Third, it gives you options most other business owners do not have when it comes to running or growing the business.

And this is where if you wait…it can often become too late – especially, if you are not prepared when a life changing opportunity presents itself.

Courtesy of Famrosh

Jaclyn Johnson, founder of Create and Cultivate, learned this the hard way. She was approached out of the blue to buy her company for $40 million in 2018 but her company wasn’t ready and the buyer pulled out.  She learned her lesson, prepared her business, and did end up selling for $22 million less than two years later.  She received a very good payout, but she effectively still left $18 million on the table by not being prepared for a premium sale.

So it doesn’t matter whether you intend to sell shortly or not.

I have a lot on my plate… do I really have the time for this?

Why waste your time doing the same thing and hoping for better results?

The beauty of Socratic Scaling is that it begins to immediately free your time so you can focus it on your true priorities.

The old playbook has often tied you up in time consuming tasks and breeds a great deal of inefficiency and time wastage throughout the business.

Socratic scaling helps eliminate all that.

You’ll often feel like you have been granted the gift of time as you see better results with less personal time investment on your part.

And you’re building a real asset with all the benefits spelled out earlier in this letter.

So the real question is …. How can you afford not make time for this?

Can I Afford Socratic Scaling?

Can you afford not to have Socratic Scaling?

Can you afford to continue owning a job that is dependent on you and has no value outside your control?

Can you afford sacrificing real profits and cash flows by distracting yourself with the day-to-day grind of owning a job?

The beauty of Socratic Scaling and its 100% compatibility with your business and your resources is that you can often implement 80% or more without significant investments of money.

You do not need to go into debt to optimise your business.

You do not need to waste valuable time chasing shiny objects.

 It’s often as simple as optimising what you currently have and creating real value

How Do I Know I Can Implement Socratic Scaling?

Because you have already proven yourself by starting and growing a business in the first place. Now it’s about unlocking your total success both today and into the future.

So why settle for a business that doesn’t give you everything back you have earned?

It’s time to start owning the business you’ve always wanted through Socratic Scaling.

How will you feel knowing your business is a hot commodity, giving you the freedom and financial security you’ve always wanted?

What will your fellow business owners think and say when they see how you transformed your company? What would it mean to your loved ones, your future plans, and your legacy?

So the next step is obvious.

Replace your current playbook with Socratic Scaling so you can simultaneously make your business stand out, scale higher, and position it to join the 1 out of 20 business owners who can sell for top dollar.

The challenge until now, is that you could not find Socratic Scaling in one comprehensive and tailored solution.

Successful entrepreneurs had to collate and put the pieces together themselves.

And only 1 out of 20 pulled it off.

But now there is one Socratic Scaling Solution for SMEs.

Introducing the Sophiall “Socratic Scaling” System.

The Sophiall Socratic Scaling System is a proprietary system designed to empower you to transform your business through the discipline of Socratic Scaling in as little as six months.

To make your business independent and ultimately sellable at top dollar, so you can start living the life you want today.

No longer will you feel stuck and swamped by the business you have created.

Instead, you will have the joy and freedom that comes from owning a company that works and builds wealth for you.

With Sophiall Socratic Scaling you will be able to:

Transform your business so it becomes super attractive to buyers and which you can sell on your terms – whether that’s in 5 or 10 years, or if an amazing opportunity comes up sooner.

Boost the value of your business by optimising key underlying value drivers such as growth potential, revenue predictability, cash flow timing, differentiation and others.

Improve how you attract and serve your customers, and make your offerings even more irresistible: 

Confidently set the prices you want and stop worrying about cheaper competitors: 

Stand out from the competition and avoid getting stuck in the “commodity trap.”

Best scale your products and services to grow your business beyond the hours you put in: 

Enjoy the freedom to choose what’s best for you and your business – sell it, pass it down, or become a chairman. The choice is yours (which 80% of your fellow owners can only dream about having): 

Live the life you want today and tomorrow:

Sophiall gives you a comprehensive, practical and easy to use Socratic Scaling system that is tailored to you and which you can implement 100% to transform your business into a top sellable business for the life you want

We don’t have to fix you. You work hard, you have good ideas, you have given 110% and built a business. It’s the old expired system that needs replacing not you and your strategic leadership of your business.

Tailored For You

Sophiall’s Socratic Scaling revolves around you, the business owner.

You’re probably used to salespeople trying to convince you with flashy presentations, canned pitches, and high-pressure tactics.

Flashy videos, and AI pumped presentations won’t turn your business into a premium sellable asset that buyers will knock all day and night on your door to get a piece of.

Instead, we bring you the time tested and proven Socratic Scaling system.

Because it’s not about just making a sale – it’s about fostering a deeper understanding and transforming your business to that premium Business asset – that many others would want to own.

The Socratic Scaling System doesn’t impose solutions or presume to know how to run your business better than you. After all, you built it from the ground up. Its goal is to help you take your business to the ultimate level with practical solutions that replace the outdated approach that got you stuck in the first place.

We engage you in thoughtful, insightful discussions that allow you to arrive at your own conclusions, ensuring that every solution is perfectly tailored to your needs.

You will see things from a different perspective, think outside the box, and arrive at new insights that you might not have otherwise considered.

Insights to hammer your competition and propel you business to where you want it to be.

Socratic Scaling works because, unlike many other providers, it doesn’t focus on your personal habits or whether you practice morning yoga. You could be a time management expert, but if your business systems are outdated, you’ll still be stuck.

Here are the components we provide you so that you can have Socratic Scaling in one place – and which you can start implementing tomorrow.

What you Get as Sophiall Socratic Scaling Subscriber

1) Full Access to the Value Builder System

The Value Builder SystemTM is an industry leading online tool used by over 72,000 small and medium-sized businesses to assess and grow their value across 8 key drivers of business value.

Enjoy access to the VBS and its 12 modules, complete with your own login and password for anytime access. This is normally released on a month by month basis but you will have access from day 1 ($7,800 in Value).

Each module includes instructional videos, worksheets, presentations, surveys, and templates

Here’s what you’ll get:.

Plan dynamic goals for increasing the value of your company in something we call an Action Planner, and keep track of them in an automated goal tracker.

Create a powerful vision to make decisions much easier. No more arguing over the latest obstacles or scrambling to discover what to do. Instead, meetings are fast and efficient with Are you on track?” followed by a simple “yes” or “no

Uncover your products and services that will scale the most, the fastest and easiest using a simple 3 stage exercise so you can double your revenues through effective scaling in the shortest time. 

Get your hands on the ultimate tool for measuring customer satisfaction. Send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys via a third-party link, allowing customers to respond confidentially and objectively: 

Send unlimited surveys to various segments for the insights you need to enhance the customer experience: 

Imagine accessing your customers’ thoughts and feelings with just a few clicks to improve and build stronger relationships with them and attract your competitors’ customers into raving fans too.

Discover the fastest, lowest-risk growth opportunities for your business by mapping your services based on risk and return and highlighting where to concentrate your efforts for the best results: 

Utlise a clear roadmap, make data-driven decisions and maximise profits and minimise risk and avoid wasting time and money on unprofitable pursuits: 

Feel confident and motivated, knowing you’re targeting the most promising aspects of your business:

Turn your products and services into consistent revenue sources, boosting profits and cash flow while increasing the value of your business:

A quick 5-minute survey helps you find the best recurring revenue options for your business, transforming your current offerings into more predictable and profitable income streams:

Enjoy consistent cash flow and stability as money comes in faster and more regularly. With reliable revenue and cash flow, you don’t have to stay awake worrying about uneven cash flows, paying salaries out of pocket, and waiting on customers to pay up.

Find out what makes your product or service messaging unique with a simple 10-minute exercise

Create a differentiation map to highlight where you stand out so you can price your services better and earn higher margins.

Use the differentiation map to make smart decisions about making your business even more unique, where to put your marketing efforts, and how to outdo the competition.

Take control of your pricing, enjoy higher profits, and get a kick out of beating competitors who only know how to compete on price.

Gain freedom by making your company less reliant on you. The Powerful delegation and SOP exercises will not only tell you what you can delegate, but when and to whom.

Remove THE major factor hindering your growth and the biggest obstacle to being able to sell or exit the business one day.

Strategically delegate and step back from the business and gain the satisfaction of knowing you invest your time how you want to and only on what actually grows the business.

Enjoy the freedom of having 100% control over your time and being able to invest it on your priorities, instead of stuck in the mud handling every decision, answering the same questions, and stuck in that rut

Use a quick 5-minute exercise to check for dependencies and ensure your business doesn’t rely too much on a single customer, employee, or supplier.

Remove dependencies to build a more stable and secure business and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you now have a level playing field and that no party can hold your business hostage and prevent you from growing the business

Confidentially and objectively survey your employees to measure how satisfied and engaged they are

Use the results to effectively engage your employees and build a culture in which they offer your customers a superior service and experience that allows you to scale the business without having to constantly supervise and manage them

Build a team of highly engaged employees who are passionate about their work and committed to delivering the same exceptional service as you

Optimise your cash flow timing with a simple exercise to see whether you are cash flow positive or negative in a 30 day period and implement recommended strategies to change it if necessary. 

No more wasting time on the phone chasing customers for payment and instead feel confident you have the cash in the bank to grow the business or for whatever you need. 

Get excited about the future with a viable roadmap to successfully exit your business. The 8 step Short List exercise helps you identify potential buyers and understand potential motivations for wanting to buy your business

Use the Short List Exercise findings to make proactive decisions to best position yourself for a future sale and position yourself to negotiate with confidence a smooth, successful transition when the time comes to exit

Take the Freedom Point and PreScore surveys to assess your financial and mental readiness to exit your business

Use the survey reports to discover how ready you are to sell, what price you need to sell to meet your financial goals, and what steps you need to take to reduce risk. 

Gain certainty about when to begin the next chapter of your life and how to set a realistic, life-changing sale price

Just going through the Value Builder system modules can change your life. 

Like it did for Danny Sleswick, David and Noela Tschening and Craig Letton.

As you can see, just having full access to the Value Builder SystemTM can change your life but wait there’s more!

Scale with Sophiall's Proprietary Socratic Portal

The Socratic Scaling also includes our exclusive Socratic Portal, which helps you scale the business (“Socratic Framework”) and enhances and accelerates what you learn through the Value Builder System (“Value Builder Academy”).

Our Socratic Framework helps you fine-tune your offerings, making them irresistible to your customers. The kind they’ll gladly pay for and recommend to their friends and family. Plus, you will learn how to craft messages that truly resonate with them.

We also bring you the best practices from pricing, direct response marketing, financial analysis, business strategy, and customer experience. These will help you create and implement practical solutions to optimise and scale your business like never before.

So you can outshine your competitors, grow your business rapidly without putting more hours on your back, and set yourself up for that big payday and/or successful legacy that your children would be proud to inherit…

Imagine how it’ll feel when you can communicate a clear plan for growth and profitability and outline exactly how, when, and where your business will thrive.

The Socratic Portal provides the following:

2) Socratic Portal: Value Builder Academy

Maximise your Value Builder experience with “Consulting in a Box”, featuring 13+ modules complete with instructional videos, slides, and supplementary materials. Enhance your understanding of the 12 Value Builder System modules and make the most of your access.

Benefit from the same content and tools offered to my live consulting clients who have invested thousands of dollars

Accelerate your progress through the Value Builder System with more in-depth instruction and exercises designed to complement and augment your learning experience

In addition to the 12 modules, receive the bonus module “What Makes a Business Sellable” to learn how to transform your business into a valuable asset and prepare it for a potential sale

All available modules are accessible immediately with access to new ones as they become available

3) Socratic Portal: Socratic Framework

Strategically scale and grow your business by optimising sales/marketing, customer experience, service design, pricing, staff utilisation, differentiation, and more.

Learn how to simultaneously free your time, grow your business, and increase its value

Take the mystery out of how to grow the business without burying yourself in the process. 

Utilise best practices from A+ Direct Response Marketers to define and articulate your client’s core desires and the superior aspects of your solution

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and clearly communicate the unique value proposition of your solution, and have it stand out in a crowded market. 

At networking events or meetings confidently deliver your 30-second elevator speech and the superior aspects of your solution and how it meets the core desires of your customers.

Grow the business beyond your personal effort by optimising how you staff and manage The “Triangle of Success”. These are the 3 key functions that need to be executing simultaneously so you can successfully scale.  These functions are: 1) Sales/marketing, 2) Service delivery and 3) Service Design

Accurately assess and Identify the leaders and resources you need to execute on the Three Triangle of Success functions (as you can’t do it all alone).

You will understand where your team is positioned on the triangle and identify who and where key leaders need to be based on skills, knowledge, and personality type so you can execute it successfully:

Learn how to calculate, measure and track your customers and their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) which is key to building a growing and more profitable business

Leverage Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to optimise your marketing and customer service investments. No more blind advertising spend or random campaigns

Gain the tools and resources to build a more profitable and sustainable business through better customer acquisition, retention and referral campaigns that drive up profits. Try not to gloat when you hear competitors complaining about how difficult and disloyal their customers are

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what drives their loyalty. Create stronger relationships and become more customer-centric, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty among your customers

Asses the profitability of your services through data-driven decisions and focus on how to allocate your resources for maximum profitability.

Leverage data to make smarter decisions about how to invest your time and resources so you can scale the services that are most profitable and eliminate those that aren’t giving you the return on investment you need

As you scale profitable services and eliminate underperformers, you gain a greater sense of control and mastery over your business. This empowerment enables you to drive your business forward and reach new heights with confidence and peace of mind.

Optimise your pricing. Implement the best models for your services, giving you the most margin and revenue

Get paid the true value of what you provide. No more leaving money on the table

Confidently present your services to potential clients. Knowing you charge what your services are truly worth, you can focus on providing high-quality services without worrying about losing profits or chasing cheap competition

Optimise how you integrate your services, pricing, and staffing to drive up the margin and ROI on what you offer

Deliver your services more efficiently and with higher quality so you can earn more for the work you provide and capture higher margins and generate higher growth.

Confidently take on new clients and opportunities without worrying about how they might impact your bottom line

Learn where you can invest in opportunities you had to pass up before, and take pride in knowing that you are providing value to your customers, while also securing your own financial future

Remove bottlenecks and allocate resources properly by having the right number of leaders to staff, so projects get delivered smoothly

Your teams will consistently complete projects on time and profitably as they will not require your constant input or approval, so you can focus on high-impact tasks and strategic growth initiatives

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your time is well spent on projects that truly matter, driving your business forward

Focus on higher-level tasks, knowing that your team is aligned with the company’s values and goals, and has the tools and knowledge to grow the business

You can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you watch your business continue to thrive and grow, even if you are not directly involved in daily operations and you can relax during any vacations, knowing your team is running the business wel

When meeting with a potential buyer or investor, you can confidently say that the business will continue to grow and succeed without your constant involvement because you have built a strong growth culture

Leverage your customer NPS surveys and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer experience so that you transform customers into raving fansloyal and repeat buyers, and who refer others to you

Increase profits through predictable repeat and referral business, while increasing customer spending and enjoying lower customer turnover and acquisition costs. So when an investor asks why they should pay your price for your business, you show them your “book of customers” and tell them, with a bit of a smugness, “that is why..”

Create an optimal strategy for attracting new customers, increasing sales to existing customers, and reducing customer acquisition costs

Set up a steady pipeline of qualified leads coming into your business, all while you focus on delivering your core services. Stop chasing bad leads, worrying about where your next customer is coming from, and wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work

Feel confident and in control of your business growth, knowing that you have a system in place that consistently brings in new customers, increases revenue, decreases customer acquisition costs and has your business on a path to long-term success

Establish a staff recruitment, training, and retention process to assemble top-performing teams to deliver exceptional service and drive maximum returns.

Create a process to keep your solutions relevant, attractive and superior to prevent obsolescence and maintain customer interest by continuously adapting, improving your offerings, staying ahead of industry trends and maintaining a competitive edge

David Lyndon didn’t get a standing ovation, but his wife and kids sure were happy when he finally had time for them. Before, he was juggling a full-time job and his food delivery business. By using the Socratic Portal, David slashed 8 hours from his weekly workload in just the first 30 days. He delegated busy tasks to others and freed up his time to focus on winning back the clients who had drifted away during Covid.

Samantha” was nearing her 70th birthday and wanted to retire. She had been running a profitable manufacturing business for nearly 30 years, but was struggling to sell it at her price. Then Samantha leveraged the Socratic Framework to better differentiate herself and showcase the company’s growth potential.  It worked and she received an offer 50% higher than before.

In addition to the access to the Value Builder system and Socratic Portal. All subscribers enjoy access to

4) Socratic Scaling Live Group Implementations

Designed for busy business owners who want to take full advantage of the modules and implement on the spot but feel “too busy for homework.”.

Join me and other business owners as we go through a module live and implement it on the spot

Collaborate with other business owners and in 90 minutes learn the tools and concepts that can drive your business higher.

With hands on implementation you can begin seeing results immediately as well as taking back practical solutions and tools your team can implement the next day

5) Socratic Scaling Live Workshops

3 – 4 hour workshop around a topic related to preparing the business to sell or scaling it into a more independent and valuable asset. Subscribers can access one workshop per month for free (Everyone else pays $1,495).

Dive in on a key area of scaling your business or preparing it to sell with peers facing similar challenges. Learn from each other and discover practical solutions to unlock your company’s growth

The next meeting with your team about obstacles will turn into solutions where you show them the best practices of others and how they apply to you and your situation.

6) Monthly Live 3 Hour Masterminds

Participate in our monthly mastermind, where you can collaborate and learn from your peers

Experience an open and collaborative environment with individuals who understand the challenges and issues you face because they are going through the same things

Participate in “hot seats” where you can share a problem or issue and gain invaluable advice and solutions from other successful entrepreneurs.

Access practical, hands-on tools and solutions that are simple yet powerful to use, helping you discover, create, and implement how to transform your business and achieve the life you want today


7) 90 Day / 90 Minute Check-in

One Free 90 Minute Live 1-1 Meeting every 90 days to discuss progress on the modules or any other aspects of your business

Assess if you are still on the fastest and most effective track to scaling your business and transforming it into a top Premium Sellable Asset.

Consider these check-ins as both an accountability measure and a celebration of your achievements, which you can share with your loved ones and enjoy together.

8) 90 Minute Value Builder Score Report Detailed Assessment Meeting

90 minute in depth assessment where we go through your value builder score, identify the drivers behind the value estimates, and what strengths you can leverage and what risks you need to mitigate.

Unlike most business owners, who have no clue as to the value of their business and its drivers, you will have a firm grasp on how valuable your company really is

No more pie-in-the-sky conversations about dreams and desires … you can now bring in exact numbers as you have at your fingertips your current value and exactly where and when you need to exit to meet your financial goals

Gain the clarity and peace of mind in having a real path to meet your financial goals through your company and knowing how to get there

Leverage the Socratic Scaling System to Transform your Business and your Life.

You know your markets, your products, your competition.

And your dreams…

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The 2023 Socratic Scaling Subscription Promotion

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Our monthly subscription package allows you the flexibility to learn the playbook on demand and implement it based on your unique timing and circumstances.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive all the content, tools, and exercises that clients pay thousands of dollars for in personal consulting sessions.

Enjoy these resources in the comfort of your own home and at a pace that suits you best.

In addition, you can join our live group events where you can collaborate and network with fellow business owners all across the globe as they tackle sellability and scaling challenges

So What's the Investment?

Our Subscription and bonuses with all the tools, resources, advising, workshops, masterminds, and meetings provides an incredible value that could easily surpass $3,000 a month.

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Charging $1,000 or even $500 a month would be extraordinary, but to be honest, if we were to base our decision on price-to-value, we would be fully justified in eliminating over 90% of the content provided.

No my friends. Our mission is clear-cut.

As entrepreneurs, you’ve worked tirelessly, made sacrifices, and taken risks that most people would never dream of—all to own your business.

You deserve to reap the full rewards of your hard work, not leaving it to the bank, the market, or a cunning buyer who might take advantage one day.

We want to empower you to be in driver’s seat when it comes to your future.

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