Get the Life You Want from Your Business Without Wasting Any More Time or Money
Gain the Clarity and Confidence to Invest Your Time and Money in Building the Right Business for the Life You Desire.

Introducing the Sophiall Socratic Scaling System—Perfect for Entrepreneurs Ready to:

Free Your Time and Take Control of your Calendar
Build Your Wealth and Financial Freedom
Seize Opportunities and Safeguard your Future

Three Powerful Steps

Step 1: Stand Out

We help you define and communicate your unique value to stand out in a crowded market. Escape the Price Wars and become irresistible to both customers and investors

Step 2: Scale Up and Take Off

Scale and Grow your Business into a Valuable Asset without relying on you to make every decision and put in all the hours

Step 3: Maximise Value and Reap the Rewards

Achieve peak value while enjoying your newfound freedom and the fruits of company's success everyday.

Who am I and Why Unlocking your Business' "True Potential" Matters


This is the percentage of business owners who do not capture the true value of what they have invested – their sacrifices, time, and effort.

Imagine that… 70% of business owners, many of whom operate profitable companies, never truly reaping the rewards they’ve worked so hard to sow.

These entrepreneurs hoped to fund retirements or start new chapters, only to see their dreams slip through their fingers.

This isn’t just disheartening; it’s plain wrong and, most importantly, preventable.

And that’s precisely why I founded Sophiall.

My Mission is Simple: Ensure you’re not just another statistic.

We provide you with the tools and strategies previously accessible to only the top 5% of entrepreneurs.

Now, you will have the clarity and capability to confidently build and seize the full potential of your business—transforming it from a demanding job into a thriving, self-sustaining wealth generator.

Facing the Challenges of Business Ownership

As a dedicated business owner, balancing every aspect of your company with limited time can be daunting. You’re constantly putting out fires, handling urgent customer needs, and making tough decisions that often feel like compromises on your vision and financial health.

But here’s the good news: with “Socratic Scaling”—a proven system used by successful entrepreneurs across the globe—you can elevate your business beyond the daily grind. This system isn’t just about preparing for an eventual sale; it’s about enhancing your business’s value day-by-day, making it irresistibly attractive to customers and investors right now.

My Commitment to Your Success

With a background in finance, strategy, and an MBA from the University of Chicago, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a robust toolkit to help you implement Socratic Scaling, tailored specifically to your business needs. This isn’t just a consultancy where I tell you what you already know; it’s a partnership where your success is the measure of our work.

Join me at Sophiall, and let’s unlock the joy of truly owning your business—a business that grows, thrives, and rewards you abundantly.

What Others Say About Me

"By making my business more sellable, George helped me position my business to expand successfully into Saudi Arabia. I used new insights to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities that fit my situation and resources."
Shelley Frost
Founder, The Fridge, 2022 Industry Icon Award Winner
"George and his Socratic Scaling System helped me recover from Covid's carnage and focus on the true value drivers of my business. I was able to increase monthly revenue 15x above my historical average and achieve my highest profitability yet."
Luke Bingham
Owner - Chill Salon
"George "overdelivered" and helped us shift from generic marketing services that commoditised us to a more premium and specialised strategic marketing consulting approach, increasing our profitability and scalability by a factor of six."
James Pardoe
Founder, Grow Inc.
"Working with George has helped me make my web and graphic design company more independent, provide new perspectives and relevant information to think outside the box, and ultimately position me to expand and take my projects to the next level."
Tolga Goksin
Founder - Tiron Graphics
I had a 2-hour session where different professionals gave me great ideas and clarity on networking, growing my business, and setting prices. In addition, George developed a grid to help me evaluate my skills in terms of communication with potential customers, marketing, customer retention, social media use and personal networks. Participating in the Profit and Dine Mastermind was really money well spent and the improvements were immediate"
Luca Lombardi
Owner, Luca Lombari Photo Studio
Joining the 'Hot Seat' session was transformative. With collective wisdom, I turned challenges into advantages and built invaluable connections. It's more than networking; it's a supportive community invested in success. Ready to accelerate your growth? This mastermind is the place to be.
Evgeniya Khudiakova
Entrepreneur and Exclusive High End Property Broker
I have taken part of several hot seat sessions with George and what I can say is that it is worth every penny. As a business owner, you don't often get the chance to discuss the operational challenges you are facing in your company. Participating in the hot seat sessions allowed me to share these challenges with George and other business owners. It helped me brainstorm and implement simple solutions that made my day-to-day business more profitable and pleasant to run. The level of knowledge and experience in the room was exactly what I needed. I recommend any business owner looking to improve his/her day to day to join these hot seat sessions.
Nehmat Seif
Owner and CEO - Fly Robin Agency
"We met George 5 times over 6 months for Socratic Scaling. After 18 months we have grown our profits and the value of our business by 10x and received a 7 figure offer over Christmas which we declined as we are reaching even higher levels.
David Lyndon
Co-Founder - Fruit Box Me

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