Business Owners – Remove Roadblocks And Grow Your Business!

Start Transforming Your Business into a Valuable, Independent, and Profitable Asset

In this essential guidebook, you will learn:

Remove Roadblocks and Make Your Business Work For You!

You are probably interested in this book because you are a business owner, who is looking to increase your capacity to grow your business. You have spent money, tried all types of sales and marketing tricks and hacks, but you are stuck. Why?

Because there are only so many hours in the day and you already are burning the candle at both ends. So, you don’t want to hear any more magical solutions or empty promises. No more preaching about productivity, mindset or how you are the “problem.”

You want real solutions to the dilemmas all successful business owners faced before they grew their companies to the next level.

In this ground-breaking book, you will discover:

A Personal Note From George Sotiropoulos...

Do you feel like you are spending all your time answering customer’s questions and putting out fires instead of focusing on growth?

Do you long to own a growing and thriving business that isn’t burying you because it’s solely dependent on you?

How would you like to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle of owning a valuable and sellable business that works for you and allows you to focus on what’s important?

It’s possible when you transform your business from a job into a valuable asset that is irresistible to both your customers and investors.

And it starts with overcoming the roadblocks you are experiencing—the ones I describe in this book.

Roadblocks that keep you stuck and prevent you from having the life you deserve.

You have already come so far in successfully launching your business. Now fulfill the dream by making it a valuable, independent, and profitable business that works for you!

You got this… start by picking up this book today.

Who am I and Why the Sellability of your Business Matters


That is the percentage of Business owners who try to sell their companies one day and fail.

Often these are owners of profitable businesses.

Who counted on selling their business to retire or start the next chapter in their lives.

Who ended up breaking their promise that it would be worth it to their families and themselves while they slaved away all those hours and sacrificed all that quality time.

And it’s wrong.

And that is why I started Sophiall.

To overcome these odds and ensure that every business owner has the opportunity that only the top 5% previously enjoyed – to build and capture the full value of a business that can transform their life.

Let’s face it.

As a dedicated business owner, it can be difficult to focus on all of the important aspects of the business when there is very little time left at the end of the day.

Putting out fires and responding to customers’ needs without time to develop, and execute, the key plans needed to grow and ultimately exit your business on your terms.

Worse of all, becoming buried in a daily grind and even turning business away you need, because you are too overwhelmed to personally handle it.

But the good news is that through a timeless playbook called Socratic Scaling, the system used by successful entrepreneurs everywhere, you can also make your business fulfill why you started it in the first place.

With my background in finance, strategy, and business development, including an MBA from the University of Chicago, I bring Socratic Scaling to business owners in one solution. 100% implementable and tailored to you and your specific business.

With Socratic Scaling, you not only create an asset that is better positioned to sell at the top one day, but also transform your business today into a machine that is more lucrative, attractive to customers (and investors) and ultimately more enjoyable to run.

Start Transforming Your Business into a Valuable, Independent, and Profitable Asset

In this essential guidebook, you will learn: