“George is amazing! He was able to help us rebound from Covid, scale our business and drive up its value. His monthly modules showed areas where we could take the business off our backs and make it more independent.

Now the business runs better, and we have more time to focus on what’s important—growing without fear or hesitation.

We’ve avoided common obstacles and have been presented with much better opportunities because of his insightful advice, but mostly because he likes over-delivering.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for help in this area.”
Lyndon & Linda Lu
Founders, Fruit Box ME
"The Sophiall process provided me with the different perspective of focusing on the true value drivers of the business. As a result, we have strategically brought on new staff, leveraged the opening of our new location, and focused on the products and services we can best scale up.

Results have been immediate with monthly revenue growth this year 15x greater than my historical average and a return to healthy profitability."
Luke Bingham
Owner - Chill Salon
“Working closely with George has been a pleasure. He’s been really helpful in showing me how I can grow my business and expand into new markets.

Although he is not in my industry, I found his questions and feedback refreshing, and he helped provide me a clear perspective as I embark on the next exciting chapter in my business.

I’ve avoided pitfalls and taken advantage of opportunities with greater peace of mind due to more clarity across my business overall and find myself much better positioned as a result.

George has provided insights, but the solutions are mine. It is refreshing to have an advisor who challenges me, respects and celebrates what I have achieved, and is eager to help me find solutions that fit my situation and work within my resources.”
Shelley Frost
Founder, The Fridge 2022, Industry Icon Award Winner
“I run a small web and graphic design company, and one of my biggest challenges has been how to make it more independent so that I can grow without constantly putting all the effort in myself.

Working with George has helped me solve this problem by providing new perspectives and helping shape things beyond just business strategy!

Not only does he respect me and what I have built, but he also challenges me to think outside the box and provides the relevant information to do so. Best of all, the solutions we come up with are ultimately mine and relevant to my circumstances.

The timing couldn’t be better because this summer I had to leave the business for nearly six weeks, but fortunately we had already implemented much of what we learned from George. Instead of a disaster or a crash and burn with me out of the office, everything ended up going smoothly.

The business continues to grow, and I’m much better positioned to expand my projects and take it to the next level.”
Tolga Goksin
Founder, Tiron Graphics
"Working with George has been eye opening and extremely valuable to our business. He taught me how to decide on business activity that was not based on cashflow or even profit, but in terms of how it adds value. This transformational shift has changed us from short termism to a long-term outlook, leading us to make better decisions that increase the value of our business.

George has a ton of business sense and great ideas, and his advisory/coaching approach was instrumental in helping us redefine our entire business model and shift from generic marketing services to highly specific business consulting. This has increased our profitability and more importantly, scalability, enabling us to increase our capacity by a factor of six.

He is extremely generous with his time, and his main priority is in exceeding expectations and over-delivering value, which he succeeded in. I highly recommend engaging with George—it’s one of the highest-return decisions you’ll make in the next decade.”
James Pardoe
Founder, Grow, Inc.