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Materials and Highlights From Different Presentations and Workshops

Key Asset to Drive up Profits 5x

Below are four quick video clips on the Key Asset in your business that you can use to drive up profits by 5x. I gave this presentation over Zoom to UK, South Africa, and European business owners in the Introbiz Network. If you would like to see the whole presentation (32:45 minutes) then press the button below the clips.

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4 Key Areas Highlights

Below are four quick video clips on 4 key areas you want to ensure you have optimised in your business if you ever wish to raise funding or sell your business.  

The four key areas are 1) how risky you are, 2) how high you can grow, 3) how easy your business can transfer, and 4) how well you document everything.

These four things are what I talked about in my presentations at Dubai Media City and other places, answering the main questions investors have before they invest in your business.

Free Ebooks and Assessments from John Warrillow's Built to Sell Inc.

8 Drivers Key Value Book Cover

Unlock Explosive Growth: Master the 8 Crucial Drivers of Your Company’s Value.

Amid the daily hustle, it’s key to zero in on those decisions that really crank up your company’s value.

Think of every choice you make as both driving up your cash flow today and planting the seeds for your business’ success tomorrow. 

Your venture? It’s not just a cash cow; it’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Figuring out how to unleash this goldmine starts with boosting your business’s worth.

Dive deep into what truly makes a business shine—its financial muscle, growth prospects, customer happiness, and your pivotal role in weaving these elements together.

In this E-book you will find real-world success stories and practical advice at your fingertips. 

Insights that will set you apart as you transform your business into a powerhouse asset – and go enjoy the life you want both today and tomorrow.

Where does your business stand in the context of your overall financial goals.

Could you sell your business and live the rest of your life as you wish? If not, at what value do you have to grow your company to get there?

Is your business too risky?

Do you need to diversify?

This ebook with its simple assessment gives you the clarity to know where you stand and where you need to grow your business to lower your risk and reach financial independence.

Does everything rely upon you?

Can you finally build a business where you can step back and fulfill the dream of why you started it in the first place?

Almost 50% of all businesses fall into the same trap – Heavy reliance upon the owner who is the primary revenue driver for the company.

This book helps you move from being the “Rainmaker” who has to be directly involved in everything to the “Architect” of your Business who oversees and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Are you able to step away from your business for a month with no bad results?

Do you feel you have a team that can step in and take on the day to day grind to your standards and expectations?

Do you believe in delegation, but struggle to make it a reality?

If you’re like most business owners, you know you need to delegate but…

…you may have tried and found yourself constantly disappointed in the results.

… or feel your team would fail to step up. 

It might come down to delegating effectively, and this short 4-step book will help you do just that.

Does your business lack organisation around basic tasks?

Are your employees too reliant upon you to answer their questions and to make decisions?

Would you like to own a business that can grow and thrive without your daily involvement but currently that is not the case?

A successful business is one where systems and processes are in place to deliver consistent high quality results without the owner’s personal involvement.

If you answered yes to any of the three questions above, implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may be what you need.

And this easy to read simple book can get you started and finally accomplish it.

Insightful Reports and Assesments from our Friends at Built To Sell

John Warrillow's Globally Recognised Value Builder Assessment

Sample Business Value Report
How Attractive is your Business to Investors and Strategic Partners?

Receive your free copy of the 29 page report that can change how you view your business.

Objectively measure the independence and underlying value and attractiveness of your Business.

See how your business compares to the over 75,000 other SMEs that have taken and scored themselves on the assessment.

How Well are you Meeting your Lifetime Financial Goals

Sample Financial Freedom Report
Is Your Business Helping or Sabotaging our Future?

Where and When do you achieve your Financial Freedom?

Is your business bringing you closer to your goals or letting you sink quietly?

Where do you need to grow your business so you could financially afford to retire today? 

What is the underlying value of your business that combined with your other assets will give you the lifestyle you desire – for the remainder of your life?

Am I Being Pushed out of my Own Business?

Sample Personal Business Alignment Report (PREScore)
If you are pushed out, you leave most, if not nearly all, of your value at the table

75% of Business Owners often regret the terms of their exit just 12 months later.  In most cases they were mentally “pushed out” and left too much money, freedom, or terms at the table.

So are you being pushed out or are you building the freedom and enjoying the rewards of leading your own destiny?

Be Prepared.

Start with your free PreScore Report so you can be fully prepared to exit one day without regrets.

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