Why We Fight for You

Your Business is your Legacy, that is why we fight so hard for it to succeed

At Sophiall we know that you want to achieve long-term success with your business and enjoy the rewards of the hard work and investments you have made.  To achieve success, you have taken risks and made many personal sacrifices.

The problem is that even if you run a successful profitable business, you may still have no real idea of its true overall value and worth. As your business often becomes your riskiest asset – this can lead to catastrophe if you need to exit and no buyer can be found. 

Over 90% of Small Business Owners have YET TO FULLY VALUE their companies and PREPARE them IN ADVANCE for a SUCCESSFUL EXIT. Consequently most will close without finding a suitable buyer OR SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATIVE. the owner loses everything and even pays extra for liquidation.

We understand this dilemna can make you anxious and fearful. Especially, if selling your business is your retirement plan and/or the legacy you plan to provide your children.

Until now, you have been limited in your valuation options. Small businesses owners did not have access to objective and affordable detailed valuations nor practical advice on how to properly plan the business for a successful future exit.

This is not right. You need to be able to accurately measure how you are doing so you can ensure that your sacrifices and risks are worth it. After all….

“Just because a business is profitable does not mean it can actually be sold.”

That is why we provide you an in-depth valuation and practical guidance on enhancing the profits and underlying value of your business

How it works with the Sophiall Solution Four Step Plan.  

  • Step 1 – Free Initial Consultation. Here you tell us about yourself, your business and your long term dreams and goals.
  • Step 2 – High Level Assessment. We provide an initial high level “ballpark” value of your business and how prepared it is to thrive independently and/or provide you a future exit on your terms and timing.  Often, we can already identify several key performance improvements to execute and enhance the business and its salability.

    In this step, we also incorporate the Value Builder SystemTM, a proven system that can increase the value of a business by over 70%. You fill out a 13 minute questionnaire allowing us to score your business on eight key drivers of business value. This allows us to identify both strengths to leverage and areas to improve.
  • Step 3 – Full Valuation and Business Enhancement Plan. We conduct an optional comprehensive “Intrinsic” DCF Valuation of all aspects of your business and together create the Business Value Enhancement Plan. This is a detailed road map to increase the company’s cash flow, reduce its perceived “riskiness” and attractively structure it for future exit options.
  • Step 4 – Execution and Implementation: Guiding you as you proceed through the Business Enhancement Plan to achieve key business value objectives. The Goal: Create an optimal structure for your business to thrive independently and provide you a future exit on your terms and timing if you so choose.

Free Initial Consultation