20-20 Business and Opportunity

old sucessful happy couple

“Knowing what I know now…. I would have happily paid double…”

Being able to say and believe that is a great feeling.

Because it means you accomplished a big milestone, tackled a big challenge, solved an insurmountable problem.

Is it luck?


It comes from applying what one has learned to build and make opportunities for oneself.

I was on a networking call with other business owners.

One of my friends who is an expert nutritionist commented on her experiences in having opened and sold a few successful businesses in the past.

It wasn’t luck she said…

Being nimble, willing to experiment, and comfortable with failing–but failing fast and small and quickly taking advantage of wins–was key.

When she sold her businesses, she had many options open to her.

She could have stepped back and collected dividends instead of running the team day to day.

She could have sold the business to her employees.

She could’ve done several things that most business owners can only dream of.

Take extended holidays without worries about the business going down the drain.

Focus time on passions and hobbies that had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of the business …and no one would care.

Her business was in good hands without her running it day-to-day.
And she could also be the mother and later grandmother she wanted to be.

And it wasn’t fate…

Or luck…

Or being born with a silver spoon in her mouth (in fact quite the opposite.. )

It was her building the business to give her the life she wanted.

And so unlocking the opportunities that for many are just dreams.

Which we will talk about in our next Owner’s Table. You can grab your invite to sit at the table here.