An Assassin and Your Business

Trump pose after assassination attempt

“….Politics is Knowing when to pull the trigger” is the end of a quote from GodFather 3 in regards to finance but I’d argue it applies to business in general. In this case I show how a potential assassination can be leveraged in such a way that only Trump benefits and that is no accident. When you can follow an approach popularised by Ben Settle to build a world for your audience and customers.. you can have them do all sorts of things for you and enthusiastically too.

Delusions and your Bottom Line

My friend’s father, suffering from Alzheimer’s, was gripped by delusions, convinced of an impossible affair. This heartbreaking scenario made me reflect on the delusions in my business and career that cost me millions. From trusting untrustworthy people to believing toxic environments would change. How did I finally break free from these costly illusions? The answer can be surprisingly simple.

From School To Business: The Power of Experience Design

Ever walked into a place designed to create an unforgettable experience? Imagine a school like that. I recently toured a new school in Dubai, where my wife will work, and my daughters will attend. The moment you step into the welcoming entrance, you know it’s different. Bright, spacious, and thoughtful in every detail. And it only gets better from there. Read on to learn what it can teach you about your business.

Don’t Bring a Calculator to a Gun Fight

Last Thursday’s US Presidential debate was more than just political theater. Hidden within the chaos was a crucial lesson for all business owners. It’s not about age or stats—there’s a deeper secret. Trump’s approach clashed with Biden’s in a way that revealed a powerful tactic. Want to uncover what this hidden strategy is and why you should apply it when speaking about your business? The revelation might just surprise you.

Daily Email and Post 450

George smoking a cigar and a beer after successful delegation

Today marks a milestone – my 450th daily post and email.
Sharing these insights is my way of helping you level the business playing field.
Why daily? Because each day brings new ideas that can make a difference now, not next week.
These emails connect us, offering value without collecting a dime.
Here’s to your success.

Can You Charge a Premium in a Commodity Market?

Beautiful designed lounge with an amazing view

Last week, we explored how to avoid the constant pressure to lower prices and still thrive. Vance Morris, with his carpet cleaning business, defies the odds by charging much more than his competitors in a commodity market and gaining a loyal base of repeat customers. How does he manage this in such an environment where everyone else tries to undercut each other on price? Stay tuned to learn more