A Business Life Sentence in 60 Seconds

The 10-minute drive to the airport seemed to take forever.

The only sound was the muffled traffic outside the heavy tinted windows in the Uber Lexus.

Now what? Mark thought…

His wife was staring blankly out the window.

The deal to sell Mark’s business fell apart.

The buyer, the spoiled son of a self-made man pulled the plug that morning in front of both teams’ lawyers and advisors.

It was the morning to sign the Share Purchase Agreement.

Well he didn’t pull the plug directly.

His right-hand man was on the conference phone (not even a zoom) saying the deal was off.

No real reason given.

And he hung up within a minute.

What was going to be a celebratory Christmas and New Years trip with his family had become this moving coffin of silence.

$13.75 million dollars.

Enough to both retire on and start the next chapter in their lives.

None of the other offers were in the same ball park.

Back to the drawing board…. Back to the daily … no … the annual grind.

This holiday would have to be cut short….. again.

And retirement pushed back another 3 years.

Fast forward 10 years later…. Mark is still grinding on.

Still looking to sell at his price.

To Be continued….

You might not be able to avoid a buyer backing out the last minute but you can avoid the fate of working in a business you wanted to exit many yesterdays ago.

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To your Success and Sanity,

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