Get Hacked for Pennies a Day

man in expensive suit begging for money

Anyone remember the old 12 for 1 Music Record Sales or CDs.  Where for a penny you get 12 Albums of your choice and then you subscribe afterwards.

And so a huge industry and business was born on what on the surface seemed ludicrous or unebelievable (“shouldn’t they have gone bankrupt with that trade..?).

Now imagine I offer a 12 for 1 deal where I get 12 days access to all your data, pictures, videos, banking information…. Unfiltered access for everything and I pay you $3.

Would you take me on that deal?

Of course not..

And yet if you are not protecting yourself properly that is the deal you are making with thousands of sophisticated hackers worldwide.

And protection doesn’t mean just a Norton Anti-virus software subscription.

It requires protection across several different layers.

Because if you do get hacked.. it’s not only a convenience.. it can destroy your business overnight and upend your lives for years.

If you are in Dubai, find out how you can protect yourself by clicking the link below.  Mike Duffy will be presenting a masterclass on protecting yourself from hackers at the Deck Restaurant in the Palm on Monday 26 Feb 2024 from 7 pm (time subject to change.. we might start it earlier based on demand).