10.0 on the MALE COW RICHTER Scale..

bull at dentist shop

Yesterday I spoke about one of my Profit and Dine participants who realised he could jump start his growth by refocusing his marketing on certain niches.

Today let’s talk about clowns.

Have you ever know a person who never contacts you unless they want something?

I have a friend like that..

Haven’t heard from him in ages (in fact since before Covid) until a message out of the blue around Christmas.

“Hey George.. how are you?   How’s it going…”

fine…. So what do you want?.. I was thinking to myself but way too polite to say.

Small talk small talk..

“oh by the way.. have you heard from So and so…”

Ah.. now I know why he contacted me

Small talk .. small talk…

“Oh I’m working on a secrete app for a $6 TRILLION Industry that we will monetise..”


Hmm an app that could theoretically wipe out the entire debt of the United States …

My MALE COW Richter Scale measured a 10.0…. a record..

Then a couple of weeks ago.. a new message came in..

We are looking to launch.. why don’t you become one of our first investors?”

I don’t know.. probably the same reason I won’t try to open a 24-hour ice cream franchise in the North Pole.

This is clown territory. 

And many startups think they need to be clowns and make outrageous claims in order to excite investors to back them.

News flash: Investors are not stupid.

And they can get their fill of clowns for much cheaper when the circus comes to town.

There is nothing wrong with chasing an exciting opportunity.

But be realistic and credible.

Start with a niche in the opportunity you can dominate and then proceed from there.

It’s common sense.. and good business.

And sometimes easy to forget…

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