10 Day Sprint – Day 4 Speed Up the Cash

As a business owner, you know that cash flow is your lifeblood. Without it, your business can’t survive, let alone thrive.

Effective cash flow management is key for long-term success, but what does that actually mean in practice?

Here are five businesses that have successfully managed their cash flow. These strategies can help improve your business’s financial health, just like they did for them.

Implement a cash flow forecast.
A construction company was struggling with cash flow due to uneven billing and collections. They realised managing cash by bank account inquiries was killing them. So they installed a system to accurately forecast their cash flow and predict their expenses. This allowed them to manage their expenses better and reduce their reliance on short-term loans.

Negotiate favorable payment terms with suppliers.
A manufacturing company built strong and positive relationships with their suppliers. With the goodwill they built, they were able to negotiate longer payment terms that worked for both sides. As a result, they get to keep more of their cash per month and invest in opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Streamline invoicing and payment processes.
A law firm streamlined their invoicing and payment processes to make it easier for clients to pay them. They set up an online payment system, sent timely reminders, and made it a lot easier and faster for customers to pay them. As a result, they got paid faster, which improved their cash flow and funded their growth.

Offer discounts for early payment.
An IT services company offered their clients early payment discounts. This gave clients an incentive to pay promptly, which helped improve the company’s cash flow. So instead of barely making payroll, the company had enough cash to invest in marketing and expanding geographically.

Forecast cash flow by project or product line.
A marketing agency forecasted their cash flow by project or product line to determine which areas of the company generated the most cash and which drained resources. This allowed them to make better decisions about how to spend their resources, timing, and where to invest in growth opportunities.

Can you use any of these strategies to improve your cash flow and invest in your long-term success?

Write back and let me know.

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