A Panel … Of Boredom

even experts on a panel giving presentaiton fell asleep because they bored themselves

I was at a one day exhibition over the weekend with some of the smartest entrepreneurs you could find.

Visionaires in tech and other areas showcasing what they have created and how it will change our lives.

I only planned to visit an hour to say hi to my friends but ended up staying for hours.

The exhibits and demonstrations were excellent.

The roundtable discussion not so much.

It violated a core principal – don’t bore your audience to death.

And the reason it was so boring was that it was so safe.

There was nothing controversial said.

None of the speakers volunteered what kept them up at night.. or how they solved a particularly challenging problem.

Instead it was all platitudes and cliches.

The only entertainment was me turning to my friend and sarcastically matching the panel with a spontaneous ad-lib discourse on the critical importance of drinking water and breathing oxygen.

And it’s a shame.

Because there was some good companies and knowledge represented on that stage.

But they all settled for cliches and so bored most of us out of the room.

And it’s the same when it comes to marketing your business.

If you just focus on what others mostly focus on – features or how it makes your life easier instead of your customers – than you will bore them like I was.

However, if you shake things up a bit. Make it clear who you want to attract and who you want to repel – than you will be on the way to much more effectively leveraging your marketing to get the customers you want.

Be hot or cold…Lukewarm gets spit out..

And boredom is not allowed on our Owner’s table. 😊

Just real conversations with real business owners for real solutions to real problems.

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