Features Won’t Fill the Seats, But This Will…

woman heading to crowded restaurant with band playing

Yesterday, I shared how we helped an Events company owner expand into Saudi Arabia while reigniting growth in her core business. The secret? Understanding the real reasons restaurant owners hire her – and it’s not what you think. By shifting her focus, she left competitors in the dust. Want to know how she filled seats and achieved success? Click to discover one of the key insights we used

Losing Customers Venti Style

Avandoned starbucks with tumbleweed rolling by

Why are loyal Starbucks customers turning away more and more? Is it just about rising prices or is there a deeper issue at play that’s a critical lesson for any business? Are you unknowingly making the same mistake? Discover a key factor in Starbucks’ recent struggles and how to avoid them in your own business. Click to read the full story and protect your brand from a similar fate

Stand Out and Kick the Competition to the Curb

Range from House of Pops Online store

Want to know how a small business in Dubai is outshining its competitors and charging premium prices? At a recent Hellenic Business Council meeting, Mazen Kannan, founder of House of Pops, shared some game-changing secrets. His approach is transforming the market and attracting top-tier customers. Curious about his strategy and how it can revolutionise your business? Join our next Profit and Dine Differentiation Series to uncover the full story. Seats are limited—click to learn more!

Stop! No More Discounts for the Price-Squeezing Undead

crowd of Zombies

Tired of clients who want premium results but refuse to invest? In my latest article, I explore this common challenge and why it’s crucial to stand out and communicate your unique value. Don’t let “Discount Zombies” drain your time and force bad decisions. Our next Profit and Dine Series dives deep into this topic. Join us online on June 13th or live on June 19th to learn more. Seats are limited—click to secure your spot

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Being A Commodity In Your Business – And Personal Life

guy on his knees defeated as he was ignored as a commodity while crowd walks by

Ever felt like you’re blending in rather than standing out? Patrick did too, in his attempt to woo Siobhan with the same old moves as everyone else. His story is a stark reminder of what happens when you allow yourself to become a commodity. Curious to learn how this tale relates to your business and how you can stand out? Read more to uncover the key to earning more and stressing less.

Low Ball Traps and P**s Poor Clients

Ever faced a client trying to lowball your prices? Ever feel like it’s getting harder, not easier, to attract and retain the clients you want? There’s a common reason behind both issues, and it might not be what you think. Many businesses fall into this trap. Curious about this common pitfall? How to avoid it is the subject of our next Profit and Dine Differentiation Workshop Series?

Stay tuned for details.

The Business Owner Commodity Trap

How differentiated are your top 3 services? At a recent Profit and Dine event, I asked participants to rate theirs on a scale from 1 to 100. The answers were surprising, revealing a common issue many businesses face. If you think you’re just another player in a crowded market, there is some real hope to get you out of that quicksand. Discover why some rated their services as a pure commodity and what that means for your business. Click to read the full story and find out more.
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Business Owners Stand Out and Succeed: Challenge to Success Insights

Group of people doing a workshop on enhancing their business at a sea view restaurant

This week, we undertook a Challenge to Success Exercise for Reg. In just a few emails, Reg received a roadmap to stand out, niche down, and accelerate his business success. He avoided the pitfalls of generic marketing advice and found support from fellow SME owners. That’s why our next Profit and Dine Series will deliver game-changing insights for SME owners. Just 15 minutes can transform your business. Coming in less than 3 weeks.
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