Are You Marketing To The Tax Man?

In most structured networking events there is a 45 or 60 second “elevator speech” where each business owner stands and tries to tell people what they do.

And it’s hard. 

Because we often end up talking about our businesses as a basic functional term.

And we know the value of what we provide but often find it difficult to articulate it in simple to understand, concise and impactful ways.

“I’m an accountant who does your books.”

“I sell Facebook and Instagram Advertising.”

“I’m a business consultant who makes businesses run better.”

It’s simple when you describe yourself in that way but it does nothing to encourage anyone to buy from you.

It’s suitable for doing your taxes

But terrible for making your sales


Because it commoditises you and opens you to the google slap. 

Think of your favourite accountant or business consultant and just type that into google and most likely you will not find them on the first page.

And then after you have been google slapped, comes the kick to your nether regions where you are price shopped and brought to your knees to give discounts you can ill afford.

Compare that to:

“I’m an accountant who can save you $5-10K annually in your taxes”

“I generate 10X ROI for my clients on their ad spend guaranteed by using my proprietary Larsen Power Launch method through Facebook and Instagram”

“I make it simple and clear for where to invest your time and money to double your profits in the next 12 months”

Which attracts you more?

Who do you think attracts higher quality prospects?

Who do you think can easier charge for the full impact of what they provide?

Finally, who do you think has the better quality of life as a business owner?

Want to learn how to make yourself heard so you can capture the full value of what you provide?

Look out for our next Profit and Dine series which will be scheduled on 2 dates – one live in Dubai and one online for anyone in the world (absent the dining aspect).

Details to follow in the next few days.


P.S. I work with service business owners who started the business to have a better life, only to find themselves falling short and then getting frustrated by the broken promises and lack of results when they sought help elsewhere.

That’s when they find me and I show them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, so they can live the life they want.

We do it through 1;1 consultations, group master round tables and workshops and other collaborations whose insights are 100% tailored to them and which can easily be implemented.

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