Are you Selling Your Quality Short?

clock that is off..

I met Sarah at a networking event recently.

She had built her consulting firm from the ground up, hanpicked her team and prided herself on the exceptional service they delivered.

And yet, she was uncomfortable charging her clients and so created pricing that didn’t reflect the high-caliber work she provided. 

Despite trying various pricing models – from discounts to random cross sells – she found herself stuck on a hamster wheel where her team’s effort kept outpacing her earnings more and more.

Does this resonate with you? 

Are you delivering five-star service on a three-star budget? 

Do you truly capture the value of what you provide? 

If not, then continuing to do the same and hoping for a different result is no answer.

So forget the complex formulas and the industry averages.

We’ll introduce you to a practical pricing strategy that reflects the quality of your services and the transformation it provides your customers.

Join us in our Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Mastermind which is scheduled for the 5th December at 11 am EST / 4 PM UK / 8 PM GST.

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