Asking Directions in Your Business World

tourist on dark gloomy street lost and holding a map

If you are a tourist visiting a strange city would you rather rely on Trip Advisor reviews, your gut or flipping a coin to find the right restaurants or would you rather have a knowledgeable local person who knows you well and can guide you?

Most people would go with the locals.

Which explains why saying a restaurant is full with locals is often a way in saying it’s a real good restaurant.

The local gives you clarity on where to go saving you time, money and frustration if you tried on your own devices – or looked at the fake reviews posted.

It’s the same with Hot Seats.

They are all about giving you clarity about the intractable problems you face or significant challenges.

But instead of relying on theories or your gut… you’re listening to others who have already been through what you’re facing (or going through it now) and help you save months and years of frustration with the insights to avoid pitfalls and the tools and solutions that provide shortcuts to success.

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