Schnapps and a Greek Salad

Running a business isn’t just about the destination; it’s also about the journey and the joy it brings today. Take John, for example, a bar owner in a Greek seaside village.
Despite his bar’s modest size and less-than-modern decor, John’s focus was on connecting with tourists, many returning year after year. His secret? A blend of genuine hospitality and simple pleasures like free Schnaps shots and family outings on his fishing boat.
This approach not only drew crowds but built a loyal customer base that kept coming back, ensuring his bar’s success amidst competition.
John’s strategy highlights the power of building relationships and offering memorable experiences. It’s not about having the fanciest venue or the biggest marketing budget but about enjoying what you do and making sure your customers do too. This ensures not just future success but immediate rewards as well.
Are you making the most of your business journey, creating lasting connections, and enjoying the rewards today?

Customers and Investors

In my latest training session yesterday which I did this at Dubai Media City, one slide really stood out for the participants. It was on optimising the power of the customer experience cycle to make your business attractive to investors – from acquisition to retention, service, and finally, customers becoming promoters.
Investors LOVE this, and most likely I will do a follow up session just on this point.

Asking Directions in Your Business World

tourist on dark gloomy street lost and holding a map

In a strange city would you rather have a trusted local guide you or Trip Advisor?
When it comes to your business gain access to fellow business owners who can become trusted advisors to help you navigate those tough challenges and problems.
That is what Hot Seats are all about.
And we are hosting our next one tomorrow evening at the Deck in the Palm (6-9 PM. Doors open at 4). 4 Course Dinner included.

The book Club that Puts Profits in your Pocket

In the mood for 4 power mastermind sessions on key topics in helping you remove the roadblocks and unlock the opportunities in your business?
Ready for sessions with fellow business owners where no one tells you how to run your business (after all you know your business very well) but you share and gain insights that can in 30 minutes transform your business and ultimately your life.

Then read on and sign up for the next Roadlbocks Removal Business Advisory series.

the Howling at the Business

Watching my eldest daughter taunt my youngest until she bellowed a frightening howl that silenced a restaurant highlighted what we face in a noisy market. Lot’s of big promises and the waving of amazing rewards in front of our faces to make us want badlty what they are selling. Unfortunately, like spoiled brats everywhere, they do not have the ability to deliver on the big promise to us.

The Hidden Danger in Any Business

Just like our hearts and circulatory system, our businesses need a healthy cash flow to survive, grow, and thrive.

Take Sarah, a bakery owner who struggles with negative cash flow, often scrambling to cover expenses and worrying about future payments.

If you wish for a more profitable, predictable, and enjoyable business that’s ready for future investment or sale, cash flow management is a must.

Fees vs Clicks

Unveil the fascinating story of how Netflix went from a struggling DVD rental service to a global streaming giant. Explore how they shifted their strategy towards recurring revenue and original content and revolutionised the way we consume media. Gain valuable insights into the significance of adaptation and delivering value to customers

The Rule to Put Gold in your Pocket

Sometimes business success comes down to implementing the wisdom that has come down through the ages – thousands of years. Following this one rule can help you capture the heart and soul of your customers, turn them into rabid fans, and so dramatically scale your business and capture an exit