The BS of Hourly Pay

bull at dentist shop

“Why am I paying for 10 minutes of work?”

“Well.. would you rather me put the rotten tooth back in and take 3 hours to relieve you of your pain?”

“Yes do so! I need to know I paid for 3 hours!”


And yet how many times have you had a client or prospect balk at your price..

“It’s so expensive.. how long will you actually be working on that?”

Who cares how long?

If you’re paying for a solution to a pain or a problem, isn’t it the solution that matters to you and not how long it took to happen?

Which begs the question…

Why charge by the hour?

What possibly is the life changing transformation in your promise that needs a clock around it?

I remember an employee dispute case a few years back where the amount in question was $10,000 but the lawyer fees easily hit $90,000.

Seriously… how was that possible?

The lawyers billed hours for “research”, “writing responses” etc. etc.

Well if the stakes are 10k and they need 9 times that amount to deliver their wisdom and knowledge than here is the news alert…

They suck!

They really do.

For 90k on a simple case they were either inherently dishonest or completely incompetent and had to learn on the job – while making their client pay for it.

Either way they ended up not getting paid and their reputation was in tatters.

There are better ways to price… which we will be touching on repeatedly over the next few weeks.

To your Success and Sanity,

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