Castle in the Sky and A Business Lesson..

split panel of people gong up a hill.. hard way an easy way.

In the late 80s I did a summer study abroad in Greece.

We were on either the island of Lesbos or Rhodes (I can’t remember right now) and there was an “Ouzo fest” at the base of a hill with a castle on top.

The admission fee was about 100 drachmas which at that time was about $0.33.

And you got to enjoy all you can drink Ouzo – if you care to use the word enjoy.

So you can imagine several dozen 18-23 year olds on a summer study holiday in Greece showing up to an Ouzo fest on a balmy summer evening.

As can be expected after a few samplings one of the guys said let’s climb to the “Castle in the Sky.”

And so they did.. throwing themselves on all fours and crawling up past sharp rocks and thornbushes until they hit the summit.

… without thankfully anyone dying (though several did rolled down hill a couple of times before dusting themselves off and getting back up…

It was a major accomplishment until one of the teachers – a gentleman in his 50s – met the group at the top.

“How did you get up here?” the students asked in amazement.. “We didn’t see you climbing…”

“Oh I didn’t climb” explained the teacher.. “I walked up the paved path and stairs in the front while you all made a**es of yourself climbing up the back way…”

And so why did I tell this story?

Because when try to reach the castle in the sky in our business – whether it’s more growth or profits or both.. we end up taking the rocky slow and difficult way with painful thorns and numerous obstacles… the torturous path of finding new prospects and converting them into customers.

And overlook the most direct path.. often our pricing.

For example, a 10% increase in prices helped one company hit a profit target that would have required it to double the number of customers to hit if they went the rocky path way.

So do you have the hours and patience to take the long winding rocky path…

Or would you rather achieve your goals smoother, faster and free you to spend your time on other areas of your business.

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