Chasing the Business Unicorn

Business man who is a Unicorn in a suit

“I want my employees to think like owners and they don’t, which is why it’s so frustrating when I try to delegate because they won’t care enough and do it like me…”

Ever feel that way?

Ever want to grab someone metaphorically by the collar and shake them until “they get it.”

After all, you want the people working for you to care just as much about “your baby” as you do because you’re a good person and they should want you to succeed so they can succeed too.

But at the end of the day, unless they have an equity stake in your business (more on that later), it’s fundamentally stupid to manage your employees as if they are your fellow business owners.


As Carl, one of the participants in our Delegation workshop explained…

“Before I became successful I often had to work for free in my business and I managed and I did it…. tell an employee ‘oh sorry do you mind not getting a salary this month and give that sweat equity to the business?’”

If employees will not sacrifice their paychecks to keep the business open, while you will resort to borrowing, scraping and doing what you can to keep it running…why in the heck do you believe they will “be like family” or “think like owners?”

And so remove this mindset obstacle to effectively delegating in your business and approach staff development, training and utilisation with the clarity of reality, and you will find it easier and simpler to go through the four steps of delegation (which we will describe later this week).

To your success and sanity,


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