Confused and Returned

Boy was I tempted.

My wife was right next to me

I couldn’t focus…

I couldn’t breathe…

Couldn’t hear what she was saying..

Because these thoughts… like invaders… rushing through every part of my body.

And the fantasies! How can I put it in words….

The release.. the satisfaction…..

Of taking this expensive purchase we had just made, with the stupid instructions requiring an engineer to understand, and throwing it clear over the balcony and out the window.

I could hear the crash.. and it smashing into millions of pieces.. and for the first time since we came home.. a smile crossed my face.

“What are you laughing about…” scolded my wife.. “we need to get this done before they come home! …”

The “they” were my little girls and that would mean this monstrosity of a project would be left undone and take up he middle of their room if we didn’t finish before nursery run.

We buckled down and got back to the slave task at hand…

It’s amazing.. how many businesses including yours truly provide instructions to a product or service that are just plain stupid.

Because, they are too difficult to comprehend or understand.

What good does it do to sell a product or service and the customer can’t use it?

What do they do in that situation?

They return it.

..and often write a bad review of you and your company because of the frustration they suffered.

It might not be fair…. But as business owners it is fully on us.


Because we control 100% how we provide instructions.

How they are written, filmed, or both.

How easily or difficult they are shared or accessed.

So it’s important to provide instructions in a way that everyone can understand.

Before releasing your instructions, ask for feedback.

Are the instructions helpful and clear?

When it comes to our own business, we are often guilty of eating from the tree of too much knowledge.

We assume our customers know more about our product or service than they really do.

When that happens, it’s easy to overlook the little details that someone else will need to understand what we are talking about.

To protect against that, try to get an outside opinion to ensure your instructions are clear.

And they don’t have to be boring.

We’re not writing a manual on how to do heart surgery.

Skip Formal. Make it conversational.

Fun, engaging, so people pay attention and retain better what you are trying to convey.

At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure everyone can understand and use what we have to offer!

Provide satisfaction – not frustration.

Testimonials.. not Complaints…

Repeat purchases.. not returns.

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