Email From a Marketing Wizard

wizard wearing a dunce cap in a homeless tent city

I received the following email the other day from an E. K. who is apparently a marketing wizard.

“Hello George,

It’s amazing that you have been working with Self-employed for 7 years. Your dedication and commitment are truly admirable. What makes you stay with a company for so long?”

OK seriously? You’d think I just saved a baby from a burning building. What version of AI are you using? AOL’s?

Do you think 7 years is a long time? Perhaps if your employment or engagement with a client lasts on average 15 minutes because they fire you for thinking self employed is a powerful testimonial?

That said, I see that you’re working in the Commercial Real Estate sector.

On which planet am I doing that?

Our team is adept at assisting teams like yours to set up meetings with top-tier enterprises in the UAE. 

Hi your royal highness, when can I pencil you in for a meeting with George who is from the Commercial Real Estate industry leader for the past 7 years and running– Self Employed?

Would you mind if I forward you more information on our effective methodology

No it’s OK. I’m waiting for the Sheikh to confirm our next meeting.

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