From Corporate to Unique: Help New Business Owner Reg Stand Out

black and white image of guy marketing to business owner

Reg, as I shall call him, came to one of my networking events this past week.

He had been working in corporations for nearly 30 years and after being laid off and receiving his retirement package, decided to branch out on his own and create his own consulting business.

Reg sent me his marketing profile and asked me for my thoughts.

The profile was beautifully done.

Organised, structured, and 100% corporate and detrimental to Reg.


Because it buried his unique identity into a wannabe McKinsey like profile that did not answer the questions

  1. Why Reg?
  2. What’s in it for me?

It was so corporate that his target audience would find no reason, except perhaps price, to pick Reg over the McKinsey Cartel or some other corporate provider.

But his target audience doesn’t care about saving a few dollars on a consulting engagement.

Because these engagements are not a commodity like buying bottled water.

In fact, their decision to hire him would be very risky.

Because what he does is critical for the safety of the business and keeping its officers out of jail.

So they are putting their jobs and careers on the line by vouching and hiring him.

Which they can’t justify if what he offers are the same deliverables, language, look and feel as larger and more established firms – even if they are more expensive.

So how does Reg escape this dilemma? How does he leverage his extensive experience and package it in a way to attract his target audience by making it in their interest to hire him?

We’ll talk about that throughout the week.

But I’d love to get your thoughts on what he should do.

Reply and let me share with him your feedback.


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