Frustrated Hearing Only Crickets after Sending a Proposal

Ever get annoyed when you spend a lot of time and effort on business proposals, but then potential customers disappear or ask for discounts even though they know your prices?

That was the case with Samantha.

As she told me, “It’s like preparing a gourmet Sushi meal, shopping for the ingredients and putting it all together, only for someone to ask if they can have it for the price of Beef Jerky and a packet of Doritos.”

It’s a sentiment I’m sure we can all understand.

It got her thinking about her pricing strategy. She’s always prided herself on the quality of her services, and her prices reflect that.

But dealing with Discount Zombies and their requests can be draining and distracts her from focusing on the top line quality services she likes to deliver.

Samantha wasn’t alone and I wanted to do something about it.

So after some searching, I found a great partner, Susan Trivers, to create an engaging mastermind session on pricing at and to introduce her game changing Impact Based Pricing Approach.

It offers insights into setting prices that reflect the impact of your offerings (from a customer’s point of view), escapes low-pricing sinkholes, and gives you a pricing strategy that delivers the margins you want – on every engagement.

Impact Based Pricing is why Susan’s clients are converting 80-85% of the proposals they send to their prospects into full time engagements.

So perhaps it’s time to reassess pricing and customer negotiations. This could be a step towards reducing these frustrating encounters and reaffirming the value of your services.

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