How Networking Can Grow Your Business

People meeting with thought bubbles over their heads

“I don’t do networking.. I hate it…”

So insisted my friend, who started a business, but considered my recommendation of networking to be as distasteful as if I asked him to start a dog fighting league with rescued one-eyed puppies.

And I get it…

I have been to “networking” events where I couldn’t find a moment of piece and felt I had a sign on my rear-end saying.. “Kick me.. I’m an ATM machine”.

But I’m not talking about desperate networking or “wham bam thank you for the deal ma’am” introductions.

I’m talking about true value-added networking.

A web of connections spreading far and wide, opening doors to opportunities previously unseen. Where networking is the discipline and art of building and nurturing these connections.

So, how can networking help your business to really grow?

Four key areas come to mind.



In noisy markets with lots of competitors, it’s important to be seen and remembered.  Heck, it’s where half the battle won.

As you regularly interact with people in a network, you keep your business top of mind.  It’s key to getting referrals and opportunities to come your way.



This is often overlooked, but networking can be a fountain of knowledge if you open your mind to meeting and learning from others – and not just trying to sell to them.

A good network is like having an advisory board at your fingertips. Through your connections, you gain insights into industry trends, solutions to business challenges, and innovative ideas.

Such knowledge can transform your business and change your life. You might get opportunities that are beyond anything you ever dreamt and would have been impossible if you remained stuck in your current circle.



Networking can lead to partnerships and joint ventures that might not have been possible within the confines of your immediate business circle.

These collaborations can open up new markets, enhance your offerings, and build your business’s credibility.



Finally, there is the sense of community. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about building a supportive environment, or ecosystem, where success is shared and the members look out for each other.

So that as your network grows, your access to potential clients, suppliers, mentors, and even future employees grows exponentially with it.


So there you are. Four crucial elements out of networking that can drive your business growth.

But you have to find and surround yourself with the right people.

Which is where Sophiall’s Monthly Group Mastermind comes to mind.

These are twice a month sessions where we share best practices, spotlight each other, and tackle common insurmountable challenges through peer participating “Hot Seats.”

It’s all about accelerated learning, strategic networking, real-world problem solving, and fostering a culture of growth and next level success in your business.


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