How Well Does Your Business Dance?

Business Couple dancing as part of Van Gogh Starry Night

“Sales Choreography”

I learned this concept from one of Dan Kennedy’s training sessions (which he coined from an ex Madam who became a successful legitimate business entrepreneur and advisor).

It’s the concept that you can choreograph an entire process that will much better convert your visitors to customers by the experience they gain before the money has changed hands.

Think of a casino where everything is mapped out to ensure people stay, gamble and of course lose some money to the house.

And think of businesses that do not violate the 10 commandments such as Disney Amusement parks that are set up so people walk in and out through a certain route and pattern so they can be nurtured and sold to (and of course end up spending more than they planned).

Another example is walking into an office to buy luxury property. The experience there is much different than walking into an office to buy foreclosed shacks. 

Both want your money but both will give you a much different dance and experience to get you in the frame of mind to spend with them.

Every business has a dance to a sale.

But not every business moves to the music.

How about you? What is your dance ? What is the experience you provide before you make the promise and after the promise. 

Are they consistent? 

Are they random?

Your answer to these questions will most likely tell you how happy you are with your sales and cash flow.

We will talk more about dancing tomorrow with a much different type of business than a casino or high-end property sale.

The best way to learn how to dance is with other dancers in the room instead of trying all the moves on your own.  We have two “dance halls” for you:

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