“I Don’t Want to Sell..”

“..But it’s sure as **** feels great when people want to buy….”

Do people line up and beg you to buy your business?

How would it feel if they did?

To my friend, he knew he had arrived. That all the hard work and years of sacrifice his father made to start the business, and now how hard he was working to carry on the legacy and grow the business was gratifying.

I’ll keep quiet and just let his words do the talking.

“I don’t want to sell.. because this is our family business. We know it’s special what we got…”

“you can’t imagine what it feels like to be offered more money than you have seen in your entire life and yet have the power to say no… because what you have is special”

“You see the buyer usually has the power, but when you build something special and unique than as a seller you gain the power and they line up and beg to buy from you. We have seen it a few times..”

“how great is that… investors, sophisticated buyers begging you to sell because they see what you built is special…”

“My father did it the right way. He hasn’t had to work in months and doesn’t even come by the office anymore. He gave me a business that I wanted to run and now he can enjoy his freetime….

“You know, most kids don’t want to own their parents’ business.. they saw the work, the hours, but as for me….not only did I want it (the business).. I love it… and can’t imagine doing anything else…”

“Thing is buying a business, at least the right type of business, can be a great investment for investors and PE companies. That is why we had a couple of those making us offers too.”

“It was amazing, with our recent expansion into Saudi…I had people practically on their knees begging me to sell them my business.”

“when owning your business… nothing beats the feeling of others wanting to pay you obscene stupid amounts that would set you for life …”

Some things to think about…

2023 – Fulfilling the Goal

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