If You Build It They Will Come

For those who have seen it, who can forget Field of Dreams and the Baseball players from the past who come back to life to play in an Iowa cornfield that was made into a baseball field.

The inspiration? The ghostly statement “If you build it, they will come.”

This is not just a phrase for a movie.

Many of us have this tattoed in our brains as to how we run our business.

We build and then we find the customers to fit what we built.

Engineers update and complicate software that was working just fine before – because they felt it could be better with adding XYZ and B3C.

Your Bank decides you want to listen to a jazz concert when waiting to speak to one of their persons. Or perhaps you really want to be a mouse and find the cheese so they will put you though a phone IVR menu with 456 choices – all automated and all with musical accompaniment.

But building and hoping they come is bad strategy.

The movies always make it seem like a genius thinks up an amazing product and creates this magical desire and it’s a huge success.

Well the real world doesn’t work that way.

Breakthroughs happen because there is a smart person who respects and understands their audience. They see a desire that is not being met properly and they jump in and attract (not create) that desire to the product or service they offer.

Netflix – desire to watch movies at home and not be ripped off like they did with Blockbuster.

Apple – functionality with the beauty and simplicity of design. Get it done without the stress.

Your business too has an audience. Your customers.

How well are you listening to them? Can you anticipate their needs? Can you identify their underlying core desires and create and position your solutions to meet them.

Get this right – the listening and providing solutions to the needs of your audience – and you will exponentially grow your business and leave your competitors in the dark.

You will stand out and be attractive to both your customers and potential buyers and investors.

No need to carve a baseball field in an Iowa cornfield.

Unless your audience is a bunch of baseball ghosts…

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