Impact Based Business Success

Yesterday’s workshop on mastering your pricing and accelerating your business growth was full of great insights.

But if you couldnโ€™t make it, Iโ€™ll give you a quick summary of some of the insights.

Here are three powerful takeaways that are changing the game:


  1. Impact-Based Pricing: We uncovered how shifting to pricing based on โ€œlife changingโ€ impacts can significantly increase your sales and elevate your business in your customerโ€™s eyes (we also defined what life changing meant in this context.. and no it wasnโ€™t you had to cure cancer or land on the moon).

How you can charge on the transformations and outcomes they perceive as true value, rather than the cost of delivery or an arbitrary hour system.


  1. The Power of Choice in Offers: How giving clients different options, especially the magic number Susan provides, not only empowers them, but also makes your service more appealing and satisfying.


  1. Pricing as a Language: We dived into what your prices are communicating about you and your business. This includes showing how pricing can influence client perception and decision-making, making your offer irresistible.


Through Impact Based Pricing, Susanโ€™s clients consistently achieve remarkable outcomes within just 90 days. They are crafting proposals that convert at an astonishing rate of 80-85% and simultaneously raising fees and margins.

After years of stress running their business, they are finding greater peace of mind. Like one of her clients who was profit rich and cash poor. After implementing Impact Based Pricing, he could finally treat his wife to lunch without feeling guilty.

These insights are just the tip of the iceberg. Our workshops are designed to not only inform but also transform your approach to business and pricing strategies.

Stay tuned for our next workshops, where we’ll dive even deeper into these topics and more.