No Umbrellas and All Talk

My sister was at our childhood home and stumbled upon a treasure: a home video from 1988. She converted it to digital format, sent it to me, and it brought back a flood of memories that I just had to share with you.

And also an insight for Business in 2023 which I’ll share later.

The video is from my coming of age summer. I just graduated high school and at age 17, left my childhood Chicago home – for a summer in Greece before starting University in California. The freedom and experiences were profound and shaped how I viewed and made my way in the world.

This VHS quality 1988 video clip might just give a glimpse of how magical it was.

The video, has a little under three minutes of footage from a beach bar in Ios, Greece. As you watch, you’ll see a world that no longer exists but holds a charm that’s hard to resist.

From laughter and friendship to all afternoon (and evening) socialising and impromptu partying, everything about that summer was about growing, new experiences and living life to its fullest.

What’s most striking is the simplicity of that time. The days were filled with sun, sand, and easygoing conversations. To see such carefree moments captured on film, I’m reminded of how much has changed since then.

Technology has become a dominant force in our lives, but back then, all it took was a simple camera and a group of vibrant spirits to make memories that would last a lifetime.

I’m curious as to your impressions while you experience this part of the past with me. As you watch, I hope it transports you to a time when we were young and didn’t have a care in the world.

I want you to feel the warmth of that Greek sun, hear the laughter of new friends, and immerse yourself in the boundless energy of that summer.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you watch it.

And if you have discovered the same insight I did for our businesses in 2023 and beyond?

I’ll share mine tomorrow but curious to hear your opinions.

Reply and let me know.

Until then, enjoy the warm and sunny vibes from 1988,

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