Physician Heal your Business

doctor healing his business by typing into computer

I was at wit’s end.

I had worked my butt off and felt I had done everything right, and yet my bank balance told me something different.

Actually, it was yelling at me that Zero isn’t an accomplishment.

And then the thought entered my mind..  when doctors are sick..  do they self-medicate or seek out other doctors?

And so I reached out to fellow members in the Mastermind group I participate in.

And asked for help with my challenge.

Putting their heads together .. they fired feedback and insights back to me.

Lessons they had learned the hard way and at much higher cost and pain than I was dealing with.

And when the meeting was all said and done.. I had a list of simple adjustments I needed to make.

And none of the solutions required expensive solutions or major capital investments.

And I knew how to get to started.

How ironic is it?  The outcomes I provide in my programs .. I too needed it in a different way, and they were also provided by my colleagues and mentors.

And so the virtuous circle continues.

If you’re tired of struggling alone or balancing too many things at once.. reach out and join a community with one singular focus: helping everyone succeed together.


P.S. I work with small business owners who started the business to have a better life, only to find themselves falling short and then getting frustrated by the broken promises and lack of results when they sought help elsewhere.

That’s when they find me and I show them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, so they can live the life they want.

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