Prepare and Win Due Diligence

“I plead the fifth…” 

To Americans this is a well known phrase. It’s the constitutional right you have not to incriminate yourself in a court of law.

A lot of people around the world know it from watching it in movies or when some celebrity US trial is on the news.

But when it comes to your business you cannot plead the fifth.

When an investor or buyer is looking at your business and asking uncomfortable questions, you cannot hide behind a constitutional amendment.

Questions like the following:

  • What happens to the business if you were to leave tomorrow.
  • If I invest in your business, what will you do with the money? Why haven’t you done it until now?
  • What are your succession and team development plans? Why did you structure them this way?
  • What are you reinvesting in your business? Why those areas?

You see, a due diligence process can feel like an unreasonable search if you’re not expecting it.

But if you have prepared well in advance, due diligence is your chance to show a buyer that you are sophisticated and deserve the premium price.

Your chance to highlight how prepared and professional you are and so stand out from most sellers  who never bother and just hope to wing it.

Being prepared makes buyers feel more comfortable and confident in your business, and it makes the process moves faster and the terms better.

But the key is to start now.

To your  success and sanity,

Thinking About Selling Your Business

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