Schnapps and a Greek Salad

I talked yesterday about enjoying the journey of running your business and how by ensuring your future you can also reap the rewards today.

John owned a bar in the tourist sea side village my mother comes from in Greece.

It wasn’t the most beautiful venue – in fact, you could argue it’s in a time warp to cheeseball 1990s tourist trap type of establishment décor.

It wasn’t the biggest – maybe a few dozen could fit inside and the outside seating was dissected by a road with smelly trucks and cars going up and down.

But John didn’t care about any of that.

He cared about building and creating relationships with the visiting tourists – and generations of them.

He was Disney on Schnaps.

Many of the tourists were families who came down to camp with their adult children in tow.

John would proceed to attract the 20+ crowd and then get them to bring their parents and they would stay too.

How did he do it?

Schnaps and Greek Salads.

He attracted the 20+ crowd by getting a couple of groups of them at the bar (who didn’t know each other) and then proceeding to buy every patron a shot on the house.

They would then show off to their friends by individually buying rounds for everyone in each group.

And you can do the math.. John’s free round to 10 people ended up being 100 rounds being bought 10 x 10.

That was great ROI in of itself but John did something else.

He would tell them to invite their families on his fishing boat the next day for an excursion around the area and a picnic with Greek Salad, watermelon and beer.

And the families would come.  And then they would go to the bar that evening and every day until they left.

John followed this playbook year by year.

Competitors came and went but he was like clockwork.

He didn’t go to a fancy school or hire expensive consultants.

He just provided the experience he wanted to provide to enjoy the income they brought in that year and give him the recurring business the following years when they would return.

Are you enjoying every step of your journey?

Are you safeguarding your future and ensuring your effort pays off – not just in some distant future, but today, tomorrow and every day?

Message me and let me know.


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