Tailgating a Customer

car tailgaiting another

Driving in my city can be an adventure sometimes.

You have a speed camera waiting to nab you for going 20 over the speed limit and so you stay within that range.

But then an impatient Nissan Patrol roars up behind you, whose driver is not bothered by the traffic fines, and wants you to speed up or get out of the way.

Pay the fine or get smashed from behind…

And always remember expressing your displeasure in too spirited a way can get you in a heap of trouble.

So you swallow your opinion, grit your teeth, and look for the opportunity to escape the patrol or find the gap between cameras to speed it up.

But it’s safe to say you are not very impressed with that Patrol driver at this time.

And it’s not just on the roads.

We go about our day to day and then the phone rings.

The company that has ignored us after we bought their product or service is coming back for more.

And only because they want more money.

They didn’t reach out to see how we were getting on

They didn’t reach out to ask if anything they could do for us

No … like the pest tailgating us..

They are reaching out because they want more money.

And so we don’t stay and we move on to someone else.

And the company we left behind now pays 5 to 6 times more to try to replace us.

But often fails…

When I was a sell-side FX broker we took advantage of the laziness of our competition to enter and build successful trading desks.

We hopped on the planes and regularly visited our clients and prospects.

We let them know we appreciated and thanked them for their support and business.

And it showed… which allowed us to build multi-million dollar businesses in an environment which frankly should not have been possible.

How about you?

How much of your marketing time and money investments are spent checking in on your customers?

Reply and let me know.

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