the Howling at the Business

It was a howl ….

and everyone in our section of the Timeout Market went quiet..

It’s too soon for Werewolves and Halloween I’m sure many of them thought…

But it was no werewolf..

It was my youngest…

And she wanted the doll that my eldest was waving in her face and taunting her with because she could not reach and grab it.

That waving… just out of reach…made Elliana want that doll even more.

And Elliana’s howling made my eldest Sophia smile and wave the doll even faster..

Until we intervened and broke the spell by showing Elliana the fountains outside..

And I thought about the vampires, clowns and serpents who haunt our social media and email feeds..

And more frequently now.. our Whats app…

Making big promises indiscriminately..

Not even taking the moment to try to discover who we are or what we might need.

And like Sophia waving that doll…

They wave their Potemkin Signs of Success…

You know.. the guy in front of the Lamberghini in front of the big house.

But here’s the thing..

I’ve seen these guys in Dubai…

And the reality is that they have hired the Lamborghini by the hour, and you can tell easily who they are…

They are driving Miss Daisy in the fast lane and forcing everyone to swerve around them because they actually don’t have the knowledge and experience to drive such a powerful car – and so they are going too slow.

It’s like how you will experience them in business.

Hot Promise.. slow and pi** poor execution.

Which is why there are no dolls at the Owner’s Table.

Just real conversations with real business owners for real solutions to real problems.
You can grab your invite to sit at the table here.