The Purpose of Business

John was feeling hopeless. He had started a business with his best friend, believing that their dreams of success could come true. But now those hopes were gone; his partner had abandoned him, leaving John alone to deal with the harsh reality of an empty bank account and no one to turn to for help.

Every day he wondered how he would be able to pay rent or buy food – let alone keep the company afloat. The days passed by as John felt more and more helpless until one morning something he read stood out to him.

“The purpose of business is to create customers who create customers.”

John had a handful of customers, so he knew where to begin.

Step 1: Stop chasing prospects like the desperate guy chasing all the remaining girls in the club at closing time.
Step 2: Build on his relationships with his existing customers and figure out why they chose him.
Step 3: Invest in solutions they found unique or superior and so were willing to pay his price for them. Exceed their expectations.
Step 4: Constantly enhance the customer experience and provide exceptional customer service. Create loyal customers who will not only keep coming back but also….
Step 5: Encourage referrals. With loyal customers recommending his business to others, he quickly built up a raving customer base.

John followed the steps and succeeded.

His ex partner is chasing girls at closing time on weekends….and they’re not buying.

2023 – Fulfilling the Goal

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