The Riches in the Niches

Here is another insight from our latest Profit and Dine Event last Friday.

One of the participants undervalued what he was providing and was caught up in the messaging to prospects and customers.

What was tripping him up was that he was trying to keep a very general market focus so he wouldn’t leave anyone out.

But that was attracting to him lots of time wasters who kept asking him for free information or for proposal after proposal ..

“So who are your best customers? “ I asked..

“Oh Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals like that..”

“So are you targeting them specifically in your marketing?”

“No not really.  I haven’t been…”

“Why not if they are the best…?”

And so we went into a discussion where he realised he had an opportunity to focus exclusively on this best types of customers and get rid of the ones that were wasting his time and sanity.

By the end of the session he knew what he wanted to say and how to say it.

And what he could do to drive up the cash flow in his business that was beginning to weigh heavily upon him.

“This made it all worth it…” he said to no one in particular but it’s the result I was happy to see he received.

And I would be ecstatic for you to receive your own illuminations from Sophiall programs too.

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