The Tortoise and the Motorist

Turtle walking down the road with a car behind it

My wife’s mother and her uncle came to join us for a few days in our trip to Greece. The uncle told me that in Wales, where they’re from, they’re introducing legislation to reduce the speed limit on many roads to 20 miles per hour (32 km per hour).

When I asked why, he said the government is claiming it’s for the environment.

Which of course is nonsense.

Limiting the speed has nothing to do with the environment.

Limiting the speed to such a ridiculous level is just a way to make more money by issuing more traffic tickets.

(I thought methane gas was an environmental issue, let alone a steaming pile of bull crap from the government.)

The government is not stupid.

If they tried to raise the money more honestly, like through an increase in motorist fees or taxes, people would object and the government would probably fail to get the money.

But by claiming it’s for the environment, the government shuts down any opposition.

I mean, who’s gonna say they want the freedom to speed, kill Bambi and poison the air?

This is an old but brilliant marketing trick used by politicans for decades.

Set the parameters of debate before you introduce whatever it is you’re going to introduce.

Create the vision of the pros and cons and you can win before the other side even knows what you are proposing to do.

And you see it all around you.

For example, I’ve already seen Perverts seeking to rename Paedophilia as “minor attraction.”

Why? So they can legitimise a mental illness that craves victimising children into a respectable desire such as “chocolate ice cream attraction”.

In business, it’s how we are sold.

Struggling with customer acquisition? Here is my funnel attraction solution.

Cash flow getting you down? How about my Heavy Debt Attraction solution?

Just like this miles per hour law is BS, so are a lot of the promises and shiny objects you get pestered with.

Even more so as business owners.

You are rich targets for snake oil sellers who know the complexity and stress associated with running a business and the seductive appeal of an easy fix or magic wand to make everything worthwhile.

So before you invest in anything, make sure the offer aligns with your mission and purpose–not just what the sales guy wants.

And I hope the next time you’re taking a leisurely drive you can put the pedal to the metal (safely) and enjoy the freedom of the road.

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