They Didn’t Have to Do That

happy customers with thumbs up


I couldn’t believe they actually did it.

They had gone out of their way and fixed a very annoying issue for me even though I didn’t buy anything from them that day.

And likely will be weeks or perhaps months before I do.

But when I do?

It will only be through them and I will send others their way too.

Owndays is an optical shop out of Japan that has some retail locations here in Dubai.

I was in the Dubai Mall just a day or two before my flight to Greece when my sunglasses broke.

I walked into the store not to buy a new one (there wasn’t time before the flight left) but to see if they had any recommendations where to go for a repair.

Now at Owndays I had bought two glasses a year earlier, which worked excellently.

The sales lady recognized me and asked about my daughters when I walked in, which surprised me, as she hadn’t seen us in more than a year.

I then told her my dilemma and she said it would be no problem as they had equipment on site to fix it.

And fix it they did…even though the sunglasses were not one of their own.

Within 15 minutes my sunglasses were good as new.

And they refused to charge me.

Just a favour to one of their customers – even though he wasn’t buying that day.

And a savvy investment in the customer relationship that I will ensure pays them a return, both in my patronage and by telling others – including you.

The usual experience with many “typical” businesses would be to say sorry and send me away.

Why waste the time and effort if I was not there to buy that minute?

But this woman understood a concept that top entrepreneurs learn to realise and appreciate.

The profit is not in the product or service you sell in a transaction, but in the customer relationships you develop.

And the deeper the relationships, the better and more predictable revenues you will get.

The more valuable your business becomes.

And that is the ultimate payoff.

A cheque in your hands paying you 10x more money in one day than what your business paid you across its entire lifetime.

All for building a book of loyal and repeatable customers.

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