Today is our Launch Day

People meeting with thought bubbles over their heads

We’re launching our Mastermind today with a live dinner here in Dubai.

Our topic explores how businesses can go through their customer journey and optimise every touch point to better attract, service, retain and their customers and ultimately grow and become more profitable.

Not everyone is close by so you might not be able to join us in person.

But I plan to take this presentation and redo it later as part of our Online Mastermind program which launches on the 13th of February. Here in our community of fellow business owners globally, we will meet twice a month online and discuss best practices, tackle tough challenges, and help each other grow and succeed.

This isn’t about abstract theories. We’re discussing genuine experiences and proven methods that have brought about actual results. We’ll share steps that you can put into action right away to make a real difference in how customers perceive and interact with you.

I’ll keep you posted about the timing and topics of the first sessions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or challenges related to customer experience, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m more than happy to incorporate your feedback into the program so it’s even more relevant to you.


Gain the clarity to double your business through our upcoming series of workshops and masterminds.

Here is what we have coming up:

25 January Sophiall Profit and Dine Mastermind (Live Mastermind Dinner in Dubai)

26 January “Are you Charging What You’re Worth?” Encore

29 January “Roadblocks you Can’t Ignore” Part 3 Pricing:

5 February “Roadblocks You Can’t Ignore” Part 4 Scaling and Fast Growth:

6 February “Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration Workshop

13 February Sophiall Monthly Mastermind Online Launch

20 February “Are You Charging What You’re Worth” Encore