Too Many of you in our Market

victorious business woman in the Gladiator Arena

“We’re overbroked..”

So kill the idea I was told. 

Don’t’ even try to start a new desk because the market is saturated, they already have more brokers than they count, etc.

I should just crawl back into the box I was trying to get out of…

Every trader at every bank I visited was telling me the same.

But then I would ask them just one question..

“Well are you happy with the service these brokers are providing you?”

and I would always received the same answer…

“No, not at all because… XYZ…”

“So it’s horse s**t that you’re overbroked. How about working with me and my team that give you clarity on what’s going on and provide you the service you want?”


And so the trading line would open..   

This wasn’t my original insight.. The credit goes to my ex-manager Rob at my first company when I was a junior broker.

Rob was looking to expand into a market where it was 90% controlled by one guy.

The traders would tell Rob it’s insane to try to compete against this guy.

He would ask if they were happy with how this guy dominated the market… and almost all said no.. that the 90% guy had his 1 or 2 favourites and that he would screw them over for the benefit of his favourites.

So Rob told them to support him..  and the rest was history.

The clients who were screwed by the 90% guy threw their support and liquidity behind Rob and other brokers that started coming in.

The “king” got serious competition and he fell from 90% to 4th or 5th in market share almost immediately and so he took the opportunity to lick his wounds and retire.

And it’s a lesson I took with me in successfully launching two multi-million dollar trading desks over the next 3 – 4 years afterwards.

And this radical honesty and clarity you need to kick your competitors in their nether regions is what we provide in our live and online round tables and Profit and Dine events.

If you’re tired of hearing customers and prospects telling you how good your competition is then come check us out.


My name is George Sotiropoulos

I work with small business owners who started their businesses to achieve a certain lifestyle, but ended up frustrated with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams.

That’s when they find me and I show them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, which will lead them to the lifestyle they thought they would have.  

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