What The…..?

“What the Heck were you thinking?”

Boy I felt stupid.

One of the top directors of the company was on a call with me.

I had just done something incredibly stupid – nearly criminal to be honest – but lucky for me

1) it wasn’t criminal but a misunderstanding with a colleague that spiraled out of control, and
2) this Director had hired me and was in my corner.

“George, he was an Ass and what he did to you and the team was wrong but here’s the thing…. What you did was so stupid that you went from a position of strength to weakness.”

“Why didn’t you come to me? Don’t you know who I am.. do you agree that I have some position of power and influence in this company?…. If you had come to me, I would have taken care of this within an hour …. Damn, you were dumb…”

I was so wrapped up in my conflict with this jerk that I didn’t step back and think about the person who originally hired me and asked for his advice. Instead, I acted rashly, and it backfired on me.

It’s a lesson I haven’t forgotten.

It’s all about context.

The context of your business and the decisions you make for it.

Because if you ignore context, you will make decisions that can actually turn out to be pretty disastrous in hindsight.

Like the business owner who goes to sell the company and the buyer walks away in due diligence because the books are a mess. The owner wanted to save money by hiring cheap and left a seven figure financial future on the table to save coffee money.

Or the misguided boss who strains at a gnat and swallows a camel. Going mental and abusive about an expense report worth $1,000 and single handedly driving away a sales team that ends up going to a competitor and earning them $2 million a year in sales – consistently.

How about the marketing team given only partial information on a product launch, leading them to a disastrous advertising campaign that misses the mark completely. Like the unfortunate advertising for a car in a foreign country where the translation was screwed up to say NO GO.

Ever seen a rushed hiring decision? Not to pick on myself, but I was trying to grow a team quickly and blindly took someone recommended by a client. Unfortunately, the promised Star had a drinking problem and was blitzed his first day. He didn’t last very long.

How about Sales reps who take no action to understand your needs? Do you buy from them when they insist on a solution you don’t need only because that is the only context he understands? Does anyone buy from that person?

And of course poor customer service usually stems from action without context. Which results in customers feeling unheard – and them taking their business elsewhere.

It’s all about the context…

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