When Your Prospect Values Their Child’s Education like Shopping for a Bag

woman and girl reading..show how an avid reader stays a reader and still gets the bag.

My wife has been a teacher for over 20 years.

In that time she has helped thousands of 5-8 year old children who were struggling with reading and school become fluent and confident readers – and successful pupils.

After she stepped back from teaching, she created a business to apply that experience and outcome to parents of struggling readers worldwide.

But some of the conversations were eye opening.

“How much do you charge?” They’d ask

My wife quoted the price that reflected her experience and the successful outcomes she delivered.

“Too much.. I found XYZ and she charges £10 per hour”

Of course we would look at XYZ’s profile and more often than not…. A typical 20 something party girl…

“I’m sure £10 an hour is great to hire her to do shots together… but we’re talking about your child’s education here…” that is how I wanted my wife to respond. 

But usually we moved on.. such a parent was not worth the hassle.

But was it completely the parent’s fault?

Is the mom really pricing her child’s education as the price of a bag?

No… but that is the price she had in her head regarding a “tutor”.

But my wife is not a tutor.

She turns children into fluent readers through a combination of different disciplines and her unique experiences.

So we share the blame. We didn’t do a good enough job of differentiating ourselves so we wouldn’t be thrown in the commodity swamp of tutors.

Now she communicates differently.

The outcome.. and who she wants to work with..

How about you?

Are you effectively communicating and pricing the outcome you provide?

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