Who you Run with and Business Success

It was an excellent deal that was being offered to us

Over 10 hours of personalised meetings and content to help us tackle common obstacles in our business.

And as a test pilot the price was very low…

Really a token to ensure we took it seriously but not high enough that it would cause us to walk away.

And over 90% of the group didn’t take up the offer…

Even though they were willing to spend double the fee on a booze outing.

And it highlighted a point Dan Kennedy once made in his training.

You are the average of who you hang out with.

Run with a bad crowd and sooner or later you will be in trouble with the law.

Run with an excellent crowd and you will achieve success faster than you can possibly imagine.

Brian Kurtz taught us in his Online Xcelerator Mastermind to never be the smartest person in the room. Instead, find the group you can teach and learn from each other.

It’s been one of his keys to success across his whole career.

As business owners it’s very easy to be alone at the end of the day.

To feel like the problems you face no one else can really understand or empathise because they do not have to make the tough decisions.

But if you find the right group, the one that supports you even when it’s inconvenient, than you have struck gold and it should be somewhere you make time.

On the other hand, find a group and everyone is in it for themselves? They have the big words but not the practice to live up to them.

Leave… even if you don’t pass Go.

Because your time is too valuable to waste in a swamp.

Which is why there are no muddy shoes allowed in our Owner’s Table.

Just fellow business owners looking to connect with other business owners to tackle common challenges and find common sense solutions to whatever keeps them up at night.

You can grab your invite to sit at the table here