Why Prepare To Sell Your Business from Now?

Why you should always be preparing your Business to Sell

So you can free up your time and start living the life you want – starting now.

Freedom and Options

Preparing to sell your business does not mean you have to sell it.

Preparing it to sell means you now have the market value equity 90%+ of other business owners do not possess.

First, you get to currently enjoy the benefits of owning an independent asset that grows and generates returns for you even when you are on holiday or asleep.

Second, if you decide to exit, you will more likely have the luxury of choosing from different options for the terms and timing of your desired full or partial exit.


Preparing to sell your business means transforming your company into an independent Business that can thrive without you.

If the unexpected occurs, your Company can

1) continue operating and growing,

2) transfer seamlessly, or

3) Sell at the premium value it deserves – not at a steep discount or closed for nothing.

Peace of Mind

Preparing to sell your business means having the confidence in knowing your business is in good hands even without you.

This piece of mind allows you to concentrate on your Company’s strategic and big picture growth efforts if that is your preference, or spend more time with family and friends.

This is true freedom – The flexibility to spend your time as you wish.

If you Do Not Prepare to Sell your Business - How will you Capture its Value?

Will you actually be able to sell it?

Vast Majority of Businesses Will Not be Sold or Even Make it to Market

Merger and acquisition (M&A) advisors disqualify roughly 65% to 75% of prospective sellers…. Only 20% of businesses that are for sale will successfully transfer hands to another owner. This implies that only 5% to 7% of companies looking to sell actually get sold.

Valuation for M&A” (Wiley Finance) by Chris M. Mellen and Frank C. Evans

Will you keep working the daily grind and hope for the best?

Over 60% of business owners follow this path of least resistance.

The problem: What happens if the unexpected occurs and you are unable to continue leading the business? What if it then needs to sold?.

When that happens, most Companies are not prepared and are forced to close at a full loss or sell at a steep discount.

Do you want to avoid this fate? You need to prepare. Ideally from now.

Pass it on to your Children when you retire?

This is often a common end goal, but if you pass on a business unfit to sell, you also pass on a business unfit to be transferred.

After all, you’re just passing on the risk and issues to your children. They then are forced to pick up the pieces, bear the consequences of your decisions, and come up with solutions to the problems you created.

Do you want that to end up as your legacy? You need to prepare. Are you ready to start from now?

A plan you can immediately follow to prepare from now

Start with Four Simple Steps

Transform your Business to Live the Life you Want

Step 1: Understand

Learn how to transform your company from a job that owns your time into a machine that frees you by generating both income and equity around the clock.

Step 2: Benchmark

1) Your Company’s potential worth and attractiveness in the market
2) Your current attitude toward the company and how that might affect your future plans,
3) The financial fit and riskiness of your business to you personally.

Step 3: Plan

Schedule your free initial consultation, evaluate your assessments and choose the best membership plan for you to take your life back by boosting the value and independence of your business.

Step 4: Execute

Hand steering a boat .. is it employee or owner?

Use the Sophiall Solution and Value BuilderTM systems to implement the plan you have chosen, and transform your life and business into an asset that builds and captures its total wealth for you.

An asset that others will want to pay top money one day.