Will Chat GPT Destroy My Business?

It’s been amazing watching how many people jumped into Chat GPT and AI (including yours truly).  In fact, I believe Chat GPT hit 1 million users in less than a week blowing away the previous record of 1 million users in four months.

And there is a lot of chatter about it destroying jobs.

Companies firing their in house marketers because Chat GPT can write the ads.

Companies outsourcing customer service to AI chat bots and other solutions because it gives 24/7 coverage – and firing the humans who did those roles.

There is also fear for many business owners that what they provide will become obsolete by the machines or that the machines will be able to do it faster and much cheaper.

But what if there is opportunity here?

What if AI allows us to specialise and become the craftsmen and women who can specialise and provide that extra-superior touch.

For example, many copywriters have been stressed out about Chat GPT taking their jobs.   After all I can ask Chat GPT to write me an ad and it will.

But here’s the thing. It writes by taking formulas and templates all over the internet and regurgitating them on the printed page. So you are seeing ads and blogs starting to sound and look the same.

And the real good copywriters are standing out even more.

I’ll give you a personal example.

I have subscribed to David Deutsche’s membership program where he provides feedback on submitted copy.

Now those of you who do not know David, he is one of the top copywriters in the world today.

I asked him to look at some possible headlines and leads I’m putting together.  Without me telling him, he was able to spot what was more AI influenced (after my edits) and tore it apart.

“Don’t complicate things.  Don’t have too much going on. If you have a duck, you’re selling a duck.”

I’m not a marketer or a copywriter but the advice pertains to more than just writing ads.

Your competition might embrace AI and get lazy off it.  All they can do is prompt, copy and paste.

You want them to do that, because that will be the experience their customers get.

And if you provide a superior one that feels  “human” and  high quality, you will easily take their customers and beat them while they flail away clicking on the paste button.

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