Your Pricing Says Alot About….

customers dressed as pimps in pink

About your business.

Your pricing communicates a great deal about how you feel about what you provide and now special it is.

If you price too cheap… your quality is called into question..

Price too high.. your grasp of reality.

But ultimately your pricing should serve one major objective.

Attract who you want to attract.

Repel who you do not want.

And so began the pricing discussion in my advisory series of chapter 5 of my book “Roadblocks that Keep You Inside.”

To give an idea of what we discussed, let me share with you some of our discussion points..

The Psychology of Pricing:
How does your price affect your client’s perception of your quality and value?
Is there a balance to strike between pricing competitively and not undervaluing a service?

Imposter Syndrome:
How can businesses overcome the challenge of imposter syndrome when setting prices?
Are there strategies to boost confidence in the value one provides?

The Role of Differentiation:
How can you identify your unique selling proposition (USP) and use it to justify your pricing? What are some successful examples of differentiation you have seen in saturated markets?

Adapting Pricing Models:
What are the risks and benefits of experimenting with different pricing models?
How can you determine which model is right for you?

The Impact of Undercharging:
What are the long-term consequences of consistently underpricing services?
How does it affect your business’s growth, reputation, and client base?

Articulating Value:
How can you effectively communicate the value and ROI of your services to potential clients?
What role does marketing and branding play in this?

I’m curious..

Which of these resonate with you and why?

Please share.

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To your success and sanity,


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