You’re Too Expensive

Sally had to take a deep breath..

The client continued..  “You need to justify that increase for me.  Why should I pay?”

Looking at Sally, you wouldn’t notice much different about her at that moment… perhaps except the white knuckles as she tightened the phone grip and the look of concentration on her face that hid the clash that was going on inside.

“Am I a fraud? Maybe she’s right…. Maybe it wasn’t justified …”

“Nonsense! She’s being ridiculous.. she has paid the same fee to you and you have only gotten better and gave her more over the years…”

Sally began to reply.

In the past she would have relayed her credentials…. 


Or perhaps talked about how hard she worked…

“What does that have to do with me?” her client would have replied…

But Sally understood she needed to communicate something more fundamental than credentials, her work ethic or some other cliché most people would spout at this time..

The fee increase is more than reasonable. In our last 3 years together you have doubled your revenues and it’s my solutions that helped make it possible and secure it. So if we are to continue than this is the fee you will invest to do so…”

The Client was satisfied, paid the fee, and their relationship continued.

It’s a true story.

Sally had applied a key principle from Susan Triver’s Impact Based Pricing.  The principle that made it possible for business owners to stop underselling themselves and to convert 80-85% of the proposals they submitted.

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(Hint: it’s clear in Sally’s final quote what it is.. 

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