A Cessna and a Different Fate

In a quaint little town, lived a Thomas and his wife, Amelia. Together, they had built a thriving business called “Dreamcatchers TA,” a company that specialised in handcrafted dreamcatchers and other artisanal goods.

Thomas was a master craftsman, pouring his heart and soul into each piece he created. Amelia was managing the back end – finance and book keeping.

They had both a strong marriage and business. Their employees were loyal and loved pushing the business to their friends and family.

The Company had grown and was expanding online. The company was poised for significant growth, so Thomas had taken steps in the last couple of years to make the businesses independent and a true asset.

He promoted a management team to handle the day-to-day operations. He put in place a pricing strategy that allowed him to raise his margins and attract the loyal and repeat customers he wanted.

And although his product was Dreamcatchers he was able to build an entire subscription business on monthly Dreamcatchers in a box and educational tutorials on mastering this art.

The Company was enjoying its highest profits and running so smoothly that Thomas could concentrate on other things. He felt confident enough to become a major sponsor at a big upcoming exposition in Las Vegas and he had investors incessantly bugging him for a coffee.

Thomas told his wife…. “in 10 years we exit.. but for now we keep the business and grow it..”

He was approached by one of his main customers on the idea of an affiliate partnership and they agreed to speak more about it during the Vegas conference.

And to fly together to Vegas on the Customer’s private Cessna.

Thomas left early Monday morning without waking up his wife or children and quietly went to the private airfield. He kept rehearsing his keynote speech and was excited about his strategies to take his 10-year company to new heights…

It took several days to find the wreckage …

After the funeral, Amelia found herself drowning in grief, struggling to come to terms with the loss of her beloved husband.


She also found herself the head boss of the company.

Frank the General Manager and Hawk the Designer came to the funeral and assured her everything would continue running smoothly and for her to take the time to properly grieve and focus on her family.

Amelia than took 60 days off to spend time with her family.

Meanwhile, the business kept growing. And the spirit of Thomas, which was the glue that started and grew the business was as strong as ever.

As Frank told Amelia, “Thomas made it clear how we treat our people and our customers. To wow them and it’s something we act even stronger now that Thomas is gone.”

Amelia settled herself in and became the leader and ambassador for Dreamcatchers TA.

She carried on Thomas’ legacy and grew the business beyond even his wildest dreams.

Years later she sold the company for a payout that secured the financial future of three generations of her family.

And got to witness Frank proudly walk her daughter down the aisle…